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  1. CRV tire wear / roar

    Problems & Issues
    This may work for you... Since the original set of tires, my 04 CRV was eating the outside edge of whatever brand I put on it. Before 35K miles, they'd roar so bad it sounded like a KW rolling down the road. I had it aligned several times but it was never off very much. The last set it was...
  2. 2006 CRV Cruise Control not working and roar from rear

    Problems & Issues
    Howdy forum! I have a 2006 2WD CRV with 90,000 miles on it and have two issues. First issue is the Cruise Control quit working. The light on the switch that is left of the steering column went out about 3 months ago but the Cruise would still work but now the Cruise has stopped working...