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  1. Note to Rocky and Carbuff 2

    Website & Platform Help
    Now that "Possible gas in oil 1.5 Turbo." thread has been locked we lost all the info that was posted...granted that 75% did not involve the subject a but lot of good comments are now gone. New owners will not know how this problem might affect them..... Good news for Honda bad news for future...
  2. Rocky Road Outfitters

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Has anyone ordered OME springs from Rocky Road Outfitters? How are they? Thanks!
  3. Rocky Mountain Hi!(gh)

    Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    hello all. i wanted to introduce myself here. i'm a wyoming native, moved around to some other places, finally now in colorado last 3 years. my crv was a gift from my mom. (gotta love mom.) it was her car for 5 years, she loved and babied it. a few years ago, an xbf totaled my civic (i just...
  4. Hello Rocky Mountain Friends!!!

    Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    Well, I guess I'll kick this off - just looks ugly to see "Never" (posted to) next to our name on the listing. Just bought a new '07 CR-V EX from Go Honda in Westminster. Got a fair deal I thought with a trade of a '00 Lexus ES300. Did most of it over the Internet with Laura, then just went in...