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    Now that "Possible gas in oil 1.5 Turbo." thread has been locked we lost all the info that was posted...granted that 75% did not involve the subject a but lot of good comments are now gone. New owners will not know how this problem might affect them..... Good news for Honda bad news for future...
  2. Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Has anyone ordered OME springs from Rocky Road Outfitters? How are they? Thanks!
  3. Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    hello all. i wanted to introduce myself here. i'm a wyoming native, moved around to some other places, finally now in colorado last 3 years. my crv was a gift from my mom. (gotta love mom.) it was her car for 5 years, she loved and babied it. a few years ago, an xbf totaled my civic (i just...
  4. Texas, Rocky Mountain, & Southwest Owners
    Well, I guess I'll kick this off - just looks ugly to see "Never" (posted to) next to our name on the listing. Just bought a new '07 CR-V EX from Go Honda in Westminster. Got a fair deal I thought with a trade of a '00 Lexus ES300. Did most of it over the Internet with Laura, then just went in...