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  1. romik bull bar @ $399

    went on the romik site and noticed that for my 2008 v , the price has been dropped from $575.47 to $399. looks like a bull bar with good reviews but light brackets are extra
  2. Romik Running Boards Added On 2012 CR-V

    Just added the Romik SS running boards on my 2012 CR-V. Couple of quick pictures to give you the basic look will add more later today. Real easy install.
  3. FS (GTA): Romik Chrome side steps & 17" BBS wheels

    Trading Post
    I have two items for sale. 1) CRV Chrome Side Steps. I installed them for less than a year. It's still in mint condition. These are made by Romik in Spain, its not those $200 ones from China. Made specific for the CRV, not a generic one like U-guard. Full stainless tube and even end caps and the...
  4. Romik products installed

    So the UPS truck showed up yesterday with some cool stainless steel accessories from Romik. Like a 5 yr old getting a new toy I rushed to the garage to do the install. Once I opened the package I knew I made the right decision. The Running Boards were packed perfectly surrounded by thick...