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  1. Has anyone heard of Rosen DS-HD0714?

    Mobile Electronics
    I was told by my Honda dealer that the Rosen DS-HD0714 would be installed as the after-market navigation if I decided to go with one. I can hardly find any info on this online though. I see some manuals, but that is about it. No one is selling it such as Amazon or Crutchfield. Does anyone...
  2. 2007 EX-L Rosen system iPod Connectivity

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, New member; just got my baby today and love it. However, I am having trouble playing my iPhone 3GS music on the Rosen nav+multimedia system. I checked the Rosen website and according to them, the phone should work for playing music. However, when I plug it using the auxillary wire, the...
  3. Pioneer or Rosen Navigation units

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2009 CRV EX. I want to replace the stock radio with an in-dash unit with bluetooth, disc player for up to six discs, iPod, navigation, rear camera capability, and xm radio capability. I want something that is functional, sounds good, will look like it came with the car, and has good...
  4. Rosen NAV

    Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone looked into this NAV system?