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rotors or pads

  1. Rotors bad (2nd time) on 2012 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I drive a 2012 CRV and at 10,000 miles I was experience a vibration and pulsating upon stopping. I took the car to my Honda dealer and was told the rotors were rusting. They machined the rotors and cleaned them. Hard to believe at 10,000 miles. It was covered at no charge to me. Now I...
  2. 03 CRV Brake Rotors/Pads - OEM?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, I'm a newbie... own a 2003 CRV and have started doing some of the work myself. My car has 120K and when I had my tires rotated, I was told my rear brake pads needed replacing and my rotors as well. This is the 2nd set of pads. Does anyone happen to have an opinion related to whether any...
  3. Front Brake Rotors/Pads

    Maintenance and Service
    I need to do a front brake job on my 06 and was wondering :rolleyes:what parts source most of you use and a particular brand? I have had bad vibrations while braking just weeks after purchase of vehicle. Honda turned rotors and that worked for a few weeks and it was right back to vibrating. My...