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  1. Napa Coated Rotors are Awesome

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    I put all new brakes on my 05 and 07 crv, I used Napa coated rotors and Honda oem pads, the rotors look good and they are performing flawlessly, they are supposed to keep the rotors cooler and aren't supposed to rust like other rotors do.
  2. FS - 2012 CRV FWD Front Rotors and Pads

    Trading Post
    No Longer Available 2012 CRV FWD Front Rotors and Pads For sale new Front Wheel Drive Rotors and Pads see below -- according to the website they fit 2012 - 2015 I got them by mistake as they did not fit my 2012 AWD part number CPB.40086.02 GEOMET ROTORS (Pair/Set) OEM...
  3. 2016 Brakes replaced at 21,000 miles?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Just brought my 2016 Touring with 21,000 miles in for an oil change. During the multi point inspection I was informed, "rear pads are sticking very badly..uneven wear 4mm..rotors are rusted but can be saved today". I was also told by the service rep that "currently Honda's rotors are made from...
  4. '99 Front Calipers , rotors replacement - any advise appreciated. :)

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi 2 weeks ago I took the CR-V (1999 1st Gen) in for its NY State inspection. I had replaced the Catalyst and exhaust system with stainless and was expecting it to pass. I knew I needed to look at the front brakes but they seemed to be working though they did not feel quite right. It failed...
  5. Resurfacing Rotors and Brake Pad Change

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi everyone! First post on this forum! Usually I lurk around and read everyone else's but never replied or commented on one. Anyways, I purchased my 2017 Honda CR-V last year in April and its been a year and a month with 30k miles. I drive a lot since I live in LA County and drive for work and...
  6. Rotors are warped and glazed; pads are at 85%. What do I have to replace?

    Maintenance and Service
    I recently had my break pads replaced (<6 months) and the rotors treated. Recently, I've been experiencing some vibration upon breaking, so I took my CR-V into who I think is a reputable mechanic. He pulled the wheels off and showed me how the rotors are glazed and warped. "OK, no problem, time...
  7. Recommendations and questions for replacement brake pads/ rotors.

    Maintenance and Service
    '14 CR-V LX AWD @ 50K miles. Minimally, need to replace the front pads (possibly rotors). Dealership wants $68 for OEM pads and $280 for OEM rotors. Seems high. Does anyone have recommendations for higher quality alternative replacements? What are the stock pads made of (ceramic...
  8. 13V rear rotors

    Maintenance and Service
    hello people; I had a rear brake job done at about 60,000 miles. The rotors looked like grap so I thought it might be a caliper issue. I was told I just needed pads and rotors. They put on (not a dealer) a aftermarket rotor and they did not tell me what brand. With about 5000 on them the rotor...
  9. 2006 rear brakes - drum or disk? Never seen this before...

    Problems & Issues
    I recently bought a 2nd hand 2006 CR-V LX. Very basic, bare-bones. There was noise coming from the driver side rear wheel. I thought it was either a brake issue or wheel bearing. I jacked the car up and spun the wheel and could feel some resistance at certain points as it turned. I pulled...
  10. Preventing Rust on Rotors

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi Everyone. So, I've only got a couple thousand miles on my CR-V so far. When I look at some other cars and look at the rotors, many times I'll see a build up of rust. Are our rotors rust resistant? Is there something that I can do to help prevent rust buildup and keep them looking nice? Thanks...
  11. Cr-V 2014 Brake pads and rotors wear at the same rate???

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Has anyone heard that the 2014 is made in such a way that the brake pads and rotor wearout together at the same rate? They rub together or something when you brake. Meaning they always have to be replaced at the same time. The dealer says my rear ones need to be replaced immediately but front...
  12. Ever hear of having to shim new front rotors?

    Maintenance and Service
    9 months and 10K mi. ago I redid the brakes on my 2009, all around. I used EBC Green Stuff pads and non drilled rotors. All was fine for about the first 5K and then I started experience steering wheel shudder while braking at intermediate speeds. Driving is fine, just breaking between 20-60mph...
  13. bad aftermarket rear rotors

    Maintenance and Service
    I am new here and joined to post about an odd experience I just had working on the brakes of a friend's 2003 CR-V. I replaced pads and rotors all around, using Wagner Thermoquiet pads and Wagner rotors. All went well until I tightened down the rear rotors. Once the cross head screws were tight...
  14. Slotted Drilled Rotors & New Brake Pads Install

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Removal of stock rotors & Install Slotted & Drilled Rotors & Brake Pads Here in this DIY MOD, I changed out my factory rotors for some Black coated Slotted & Drilled Rotors & put new Brake Pads on also. Materials and Tools Used: black coated slotted drilled rotors Wagner brake pads new front...
  15. Rotor thickness 2012 CRV?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2012 EX with 40K miles, was experiencing brake pulsation and felt like warped front rotors. I ordered Bosch Quietcast front rotors off of Amazon (because of cheap shipping), but they are not the right size. The Amazon fitment tool says the Bosch rotors are supposed to fit my 2012 EX...
  16. 2009 rotors and pads, can I do better then OEM?

    Maintenance and Service
    90K, time for new pads and rotors. Anything out there I should consider other than factory replacements? I use it carrying around tools for work, I have HD springs in the rear. thanks, Rob
  17. Hot Rotors

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    I have a 2003 Honda CRv.I replaced all 4 brake pads and rotors,After I drive it for a few miles the rotors are hot to the touch.Is this normal? Thanks
  18. Pads and rotors

    Maintenance and Service
    About to do a brake job on the Ole CRV. I am going to replace the pads and rotors. So I see lots of threads say OEM, Akebono, etc. is there a consensus for good pads? I have Wagner thermo quiets on now and would like to switch it up. Same it's the rotors. Is there a forum consensus on the...
  19. Acciently sprayed Rust Proofing on brake parts - rotors, calipers - Rust Check, help

    Problems & Issues
    I was changing a rear tire on my 2013 CRV - the steel wheel was stuck to the rotor, had to kick the tire to release. There was a lot of rust on the rotor body area near the wheel studs, so I sprayed the rotor centre area. Over-spray covered the remaining brake parts - calipers, etc. The Honda...
  20. Replacing front rotors - OEM or other brand suggestions

    Maintenance and Service
    Between AC Delco, Callahan, Wagner, Centric, etc... which should I get? Partsgeek has worked for me before in terms of a vendor for online parts when I replaced the rear struts/shocks, so I trust they have the parts that will fit OEM, but just wondering what y'all would suggest. I am looking...