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  1. Dealer Routine Service Costs

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    My Honda dealer in Southern California has the following schedule of service costs. How does this compare to your dealer? Which ones do you do yourself? These are the codes from the MM. Code B1 Service (Oil and filter, tire rotation)- $79.95 Code 2 (Engine and cabin air filters)- $124.95 Code...
  2. Routine Maintenance

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I'm new to the Forum. Apologies if I am posting here in error but I figured I's start here. I'm in Scotland and just purchased a used Honda Cr-V 2.0 I-VTEC SE SPORT 5DR 2002. It has little in the way of service history and has about 73K on the clock. It drives nicely and so far I've had...
  3. 2 years free routine maintenance

    Maintenance and Service
    Purchased a 2011 CR-V in Feb from a dealer other than my local dealer from whom I had purchased 2 previous Hondas. Of course now, 6 months into my ownership of the new CR-V, the dealer I purchased from is mailing and e-mailing all kinds of service notices to me--however my local dealer has a TV...
  4. any grease point to do grease as routine maintenance ???

    Maintenance and Service
    hi experts, in general honda CRV -2005 auto, AWD , 2.4L , north american(canada) has any grease or lubrication point underneth which has to be lubricate under regular maintenance ???? the V any no problem at all !!! just pre-winter preparation only !!! help appriciated.... thanks in advance
  5. Routine maintenance info

    Maintenance and Service
    New to posting, but have spent countless hours on this website reading up on the CR-V. Thought I'd share some maintenance info on mine. I have found that the fluid capacities listed in the manual can be a bit short. I drive my V up on ramps when I change the oil, and let the oil drain out...
  6. routine service question

    Maintenance and Service
    Hey everybody, i'm new owner of a 2005 EX(55kmi). Any tips on what kind of routine service i need to do(other than the basic oil change. ect)..... Thanks!!