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  1. Optimal RPMs?

    Diesel CR-V
    Hello! I just bought a 2005 CR-V 2.2 CDTi. I had a CR-V enthusiast tell me I should generally aim for 2000+ rpm when driving, for best fuel economy and to have less problems with EGR/soot filter. Could anyone confirm if it is true? In general, when driving other (gasoline) cars, I had best...
  2. Shudder or Hesitation at Low RPMs

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
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  3. RPMs surging and Drive indicator light flashing on and off

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2015 Honda CR-V LX AWD with about 33,000 miles on it. It had about 17,000 miles on it when I purchased it, and it has been a great car! A month ago, I was about 20 minutes into a trip to another town for an assignment, had the cruise set at 55mph, it was about 25 degrees Fahrenheit...
  4. RPMs Drop When Braking

    Problems & Issues
    I know, your RPMs are supposed to drop when you brake :p Okay, my 2005 CRV has treated me well the past couple of months. I got it from my mom who was about to get rid of it and I decided it was worth saving. I have a JDM engine and freshly rebuilt transmission, so it runs like a champ...
  5. 2010 Honda CRV RPMs revving up

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    I'm new to the forum and just had this issue happen to me twice yesterday. Honda ES CRV 2010, 108,000 miles and I've been up to date on all changes recommended by the manual. I've changed the Transmission fluid twice at this point. While driving, my RPM's suddenly increased to 4000 and the...
  6. 1997 CR-V losing rpms when first driving.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello this is my first post here and I apologize if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find in a search. I bought a 1997 CR-V ex 4wd. It has 2xx,xxx miles on it. When you first start the car and begin driving it the rpms will intermittently drop. It's not a misfire of sorts. The rpms...
  7. Increasing RPMs?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have a 2015 CRV that like many here has the idle vibrations. I took the vehicle in almost as soon as the fix was available to me. After several attempts they got rid of the mode 2 vibrations and the mode 1 got better... but mode 1 is still very noticeable. As soon as the RPMs dip to...
  8. Oil light flickers, RPMs dip, audibly click at idle after driving

    Problems & Issues
    Recently my girlfriend's 04 was in the shop (not a Honda Dealer) for a general check. $1800 later they'd made some adjustments and replaced some worn bits - axle boot, ball joints etc. it ran great when it went in, no mechanical issues at all. They changed the oil and filter, and said it needed...
  9. Shaky bumpy ride in overdrive at low RPMs

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, My 2001 has a quirk: sometimes it shakes to the point the dashboard starts rattling. The feel from the motor reminds me of when the AC compressor kicks on (slight resistance on the motor, slight rumble/growl sound), except more severe. The shaking only occurs under the following...
  10. crv no good high rpms!!

    Problems & Issues
    i have a 1998 crv 4wd with 169000 miles.... it idles great and starts right up but it breaks up(misses) above 2k rpms and bogs if more than half throttle... it will ping and sound like im hitting rev limiter at 4k ugh im stuck.. ive replaced spark plugs, wires, and air filter.... I was thinking...
  11. crv no good high rpms!!!

    1996-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1)
    i have a 1998 crv 4wd with 169000 miles.... it idles great and starts right up but it breaks up(misses) above 2k rpms and bogs if more than half throttle... it will ping and sound like im hitting rev limiter at 4k ugh im stuck.. ive replaced spark plugs, wires, and air filter.... I was thinking...
  12. 4th gear lock-up stays on when slowing to low rpms - 2000 CR-V EX

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all... my first post here. I’ve had this problem for a few months now on my 2000 CR-V. After decelerating from 4th gear, the transmission stays in lock-up all the way down to about 30 mph or so (1200 rpm). At that speed the engine lugs like a manual transmission that’s in 5th gear at low...
  13. 2004 Manual High RPMs maintained in neutral

    Problems & Issues
    I drive an 04 manual CR-V and occasionally when I am in first or sometimes even second gear and shift into neutral the RPMs will stay in the 2500 range as if I am pressing the accelerator, which I am not. Toggling the gas pedal doesn't seem to get it to stop, but the RPMs do go down to idling...
  14. 2003 CR-V Clunking Noise & Low RPMs with A/C

    Maintenance and Service
    We have a 2003 CR-V EX (160K), and late last summer we noticed a clunking noise in the front when the A/C compressor kicks on, and the RPMs drop pretty low. We had forgotten about it once the warm weather was gone, but it’s obviously back again this year. We only notice these symptoms when...
  15. Momentary loss of RPMs, no acceleration: TPS? O2 sensors?

    Problems & Issues
    Two weeks ago (July 2012) my 97 CR-V (180,000 kms) started to exhibit this problem: about a kilometer or two after starting, the rpms drop, the car loses power, and pushing the accelerator has little immediate impact. I keep pushing and after a couple of seconds the rpms jump back up over 3000...
  16. rpms and idling

    Problems & Issues
    Its seems that when i start the car and its in park it idles pretty high somewhere between 2500 and 2700. Once i put it in drive it goes down to about 1500 to 1700. When i start driving and come to a stop the rpms are now at this normal or is something wrong in the trans or may be...
  17. 2004 CR-V loses RPMs when A/C is on

    Problems & Issues
    I had the A/C compressor in my 2004 4wd CR-V replaced twice last summer. When I run the A/C (or the defrost), I lose 1-2 rpms and the vehicle shakes/vibrates and I'm in fear of it stalling out. Can anyone provide any feedback on this please? Thank you!
  18. 2007 - VSA Lights and won't go past 3K RPMs

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Just today, it's a rainy day, turned on my 2007 CR-V with 65,000 miles...just over warranty.. :( and the VSA triangle light and other VSA light come on and stay on along with the malfunction light. Turned it off and on again, same thing. I decide to drive anyways but soon come to find out...
  19. rpms

    Problems & Issues
    97 crv 240k miles on it. My question is after changing the spark plugs and wires along with 2x tranny flush along with the oil my vehical seems to be using more rpms is 3k normal for going 70 on the highway in od its inbetween 2900 to 3k thanks for all the help ps- I tried to find something on...
  20. RPMS/manual trans

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    What is the average RPMs when in 5th gear going 70mph? Mine runs at 35000rpms is this normal? I am used to driving an automatic V8 so it sounds like I am running my engine into the ground! Also, my car is at 149,000 miles and misfires at idle? Help!!! Disheartened:(