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  1. How do you change the Satnav volume?

    Problems & Issues
    After 6 months, I'm still getting used to all the controls on my new CR-V's navigation system etc.! One thing that still defeats me is how to change the volume of the (Garmin) satnav system. I know you can do it deep in the system settings, but surely there is also a way of doing it when driving...
  2. Double din headunit in a 2011

    Mobile Electronics
    Because of the high cost for repairing the orignal satnav I'm going to replace it with a double din Pioner unit (avic F970bt probably). To do this I need a dash kit with wiring and new fascia but all the suppliers I found are not clear on the original amp and sub in the CR-V. Does anyone know if...
  3. Disc reading eror on a 2011 executive

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone, Yesterday I bought a 2011 CR-V executive 2.2 dtec. I'm very pleased with the car except for the sat nav. I have a disc reading error. Is this a common problem on the gen 3? Google didnt'help me either. I tried cleaning the lens but no effect. The car was delivered with the 3.4...
  4. 2003 CRV... Sat Nav Display Problems

    Problems & Issues
    Hello and firstly thank you for adding me to your forum. I am 50 years old, retired, live in Gloucester in the UK and today took collection of a 2003 Honda CRV 2.0 SE Executive... I am very happy with the vehicle but my problem is the sat nav. I am getting a continual 'disc error' type...
  5. Built-in navigation

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    I'm looking to buy a secondhand CR-V but must have built-in navigation. Can anyone tell me what model/year sat nav first appeared and whether all models (software) can be upgraded? Thanks
  6. Complete Newbie seeking advice

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hello I have just joined here and I don't yet have a CRV but I think I soon will. I am a UK member and have just started looking around the website so I thought this was the place to post a first thread. I am looking at a '09 CRV ES cdti 2204cc with sat-nav (GPS) and rear view camera - I hope...
  7. Disable CRV Alpine Satalite Navigation

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, the sat nav in my CRV has devloped that fault of not reading the DVD. £230 to put it right !! I can buy a decent Sat Nav for that money, but ... It is stuck on the screen that says "Error reading DVD" or if i take the disk out it says "No DVD Disk" or what ever. I can't get past these...