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  1. SatNav radio issues

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello All! I recently bought a CRV 2006 (which I am totally in love with). I have 2 questions: 1. It came with the SatNav radio, but sadly it's screen is stuck on "not being able to read the map dvd properly" - does any one know how I can restart the radio and circumvent this ? I don't need the...
  2. How do you change the Satnav volume?

    Problems & Issues
    After 6 months, I'm still getting used to all the controls on my new CR-V's navigation system etc.! One thing that still defeats me is how to change the volume of the (Garmin) satnav system. I know you can do it deep in the system settings, but surely there is also a way of doing it when driving...
  3. Honda SatNav/Radio Illuminations

    Problems & Issues
    Hi My Honda CR-V 2008 2litre petrol automatic EX has the combined audio centre/sat nav with the head panel that opens out to access the DVD player. On the head panel, there are a number of buttons that light up at night, such as the pre-set channel change buttons. One of them doesn't light up...
  4. Looking for help updating my SatNav Maps

    Mobile Electronics
    Can anyone suggest how I can update the maps on my 2012 2.2 Dtec Mk3 CRV - It has an Alpine Advanced Navi Station, INE S900R fitted which I believe has never been updated. Is the update on this model done via a CV/DVD or via USB ? Any help appreciated - Thanks Pedros
  5. 2007 CRV Satnav change

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    I am in the process of replacing my factory fitted satnav with a Pioneer AVIC-Z910DAB. Having bought the Pioneer and the various installation parts mentioned on the Pioneer website I am puzzled by a couple of points and would appreciate help from anyone who has done something similar. My...
  6. 2011 CR-V .... SatNav / Reverse Camera / HFT not working

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, wonder if anyone has any ideas ? I started getting the dreaded DVD Read Error message on screen, shortly afterwards my reversing camera stopped working and also the Hands Free system has gone...? I sent my head unit away to a guy in London who is adamant that he has fixed the issue with...
  7. Honda Cr-V EX 2007 Weird SatNav Issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, first time poster, long time reader. I have an issue with my Satnav unit and was hoping to pick your brains in the hope that someone has any ideas. I'll try and go through all the symptoms in historical order: Model Car: Honda 2007 (57) Cr-V EX model, with touch screen sat nav 1) It...
  8. Faulty SatNav

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I'm in the UK, I've got a 2017 EX 1.6 Diesel CRV and have noticed an issue with the SatNav. A couple of times it loses where I am, and the symbol showing my location drifts across the map. Sometimes it manages to work out where am I and all is well, but once or twice it never seems to recover...
  9. 59 CRV Sat-Nav replacement,

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, I skimmed through existing threads, but was unable to find an answer. Here is my predicament. I have a 59 CRV. The built in SAT-NAV has come up with a disc read error. I have tried lens cleaning kits, and began to disassemble the entire unit for closer cleaning, but after pulling...
  10. Using SatNav while driving

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi Folks, Forgive me if I have posted this question in the wrong area.... We love our 2017 CRV Touring. However, we have one annoying "feature" that we would like to be able to bypass. We cannot change the SatNav while the vehicle is in motion; even if the tires are barely turning. This...
  11. 2012 CV-V Sat Nav update help

    Mobile Electronics
    With a 2 week road trip planned for later this year, I decided to buy the Sat Nav update for my 2012 CR-V, but I can't get the update to work. I'm hoping someone here can tell me if I'm doing something wrong, if I'm being an idiot, or if there's a problem. FYI, I have not installed an update...
  12. Satnav

    Mobile Electronics
    How do I reset 2002 alpine satnav unit (can't input code after cleaning dvd eye)
  13. New CR-V owner - UK, 07 plate, think it's a 2006 model, want to remove sat-nav

    Mobile Electronics
    Figure a complete topic title might help me get some relevant info. Bought the CRV Thursday, brought it home today, and noticed that even though it has an AUX button, there is no AUX port, which is a shame, as I was planning on mounting my nexus 7, and using it for my audio needs. Looking...
  14. Honda CRV 2003 satnav clock problem

    Greetings & Introductions
    I have just bought a 2003 crv and had to change the sat navigation. Have any of you any idea how to adjust the clock please?
  15. Gen 2 CRV Satnav

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all- For those who have one, does anyone have any pics of the system being disassembled? I am trying to see where the bluetooth microphone and gps antenna is positioned on the stock system as I am trying to install an aftermarket unit and utilize the same locations
  16. Replacing satnav

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello I was wondering if it was at all feasible to do so, maybe even with just an entertainment centre.I recently bought a 2006 model and the one annoying thing about is the fact that the satnav is way out of date, the upgrade discs are far too expensive and I periodically get a message telling...
  17. Satnav Audio System not working

    Problems & Issues
    I recently brought my CRV and had the disc reading error that seems to be quite common on the satnav system. We cleaned it as suggested on this forum and put the original satnav disk back in and forced download. The little green bar stopped a quarter of the way through and it said could not...
  18. SatNav wont edit favourites

    Problems & Issues
    My 2004 Honda SatNav wont edit favourites it otherwise works fine any suggestions please. Thank you bosun
  19. satnav DVD

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, My name is Niki, i'm 26 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I don't have a Honda CR-V, but i'm riding a Honda civic type r (ep3). The reasen why i'm here is because I am searching for an old navi DVD for the radio in the picture below. I'm running this radio in my car with the...
  20. Reset in built SatNav

    Problems & Issues
    I have recently purchased a 2007 Crv with an in built in satnav. So far, all is well (it passed the MOT yesterday with flying colours ) Only problem is the Satnav - how do I delete the previous owners addresses? I wasn't given a user manual so I'm a bit stuck. Also, it only displays your recent...