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  1. 2008 Brake Noise - Scraping

    Problems & Issues
    So while driving without the brakes applied, I hear a light scraping noise, not too severe/loud. When I apply the brakes it stops immediately. I've replaced the pads on all 4 wheels with no change. The scrape is not present 100% of the time... it kinda "hits" as the wheel turns, if that makes...
  2. Is this Normal? Scraping Sound when liftgate is almost all the way up

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi everyone! If you have a chance, I was wondering if you could help me determine if my 2017 CR-V EX's liftgate might have a potential issue. It opens and closes just fine, but when the liftgate is almost all the way up, I hear a very brief low pitch 'scraping' or light 'grinding' noise, almost...
  3. Intermittent metal scraping sound while driving

    Problems & Issues
    Hi 2011 CRV AWD. An intermittent metal scraping sound coming from what seems to be the rear passenger wheel. Seems to only happen after traveling for a while but comes and goes. Loud enough that you cannot miss it. Seems related to wheel rotation. Took the wheel off, did not see anything...
  4. 2011 AWD SE Brake Dust Shield Scraping

    Problems & Issues
    For a while now (since I hit an unavoidable pothole downtown..) I've had a slight scraping noise coming from my right front wheel that's noticeable at low speeds with the windows down--especially when turning the wheel slightly to the left. I did a bit of googling, and found some folks (not...
  5. 2014 clicking sound rear wheels, scraping when braking

    Problems & Issues
    I'm having two issues with my 2014 that may or not be related: (1) When driving with the windows open, I can hear a metaling clicking sound that seems to be coming from the rear wheels (possibly just the left rear wheel, but likely both). It' s only audible when I'm driving along a row of...
  6. Rust and scraping noise coming from wheels on new CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    I've noticed that there is a slight rotational scraping noise coming from the wheels (maybe the rear? can't really tell) when I first start driving and braking after leaving the car for a few days. It's only noticeable with the windows down so this could have been happening for a while and I...
  7. 06 CRV scraping noise from passenger side front

    Problems & Issues
    I have recently bought an 06 Honda Crv AWD. I have had to replace a few things due to buying it from a buy here pay here with a wanna be mechanic that forgets to put in half the bolts. A list of things I've replaced valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket, timing chain gasket, crank shaft seal...
  8. 2003 CR-V wheel/brake scraping, worse downhill, burning smell

    Problems & Issues
    My 2003 CR-V has been making a scraping sound, accompanied with a strange burning smell, on the left side. It seems to be on the drivers wheel side, but I could be hearing it wrong. The scraping typically starts when I go down a hill with an incline greater than about 10-15 degrees. It...
  9. Scraping Sound Turning Right

    Maintenance and Service
    2007 CR-V approx. 100K kilometers . Getting a scrape . .scrape . . scrape . . sound when turning . No problem turning left . Any ideas ? Also I was lucky to find an honest parts guy at Lordco Auto parts because I asked if power steering fluid was the same for all makes and he told me...
  10. 2012 crv 16000 miles and makes a scraping or vibration sound after cold start

    Problems & Issues
    Love everything about our CR-v. We have owned them since 2004. Our current CR-v is one year old with 16000 miles - I am the original owner. About a month ago, after a cold start, once I got to 20 mph or so, I would hear a vibration sound, coming from the space between the front seats. Then 5...
  11. scraping noise at low idle coming from front right area on 2nd Gen CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All, Yesterday I started to hear a scraping noise (only at rpms under 1k) coming from the front right area of the vehicle. I popped the hood but didn't crawl under the car yet (snow and slush on the ground here). I'm wondering if this could be something bumped against the fan shroud or if...
  12. scraping noise

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2001 Honda CRV and lately this past year i have been hearing an infrequent noise from the right passenger side area in the front. It sounds like a shovel scraping against a road. It is a short sound and it happens when I am driving straight. Today however it happened 4 times on the way...
  13. Scraping noise???

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hey guys I have a Gen1 and here is the problem. When I cut the wheel all the way when turning there is a scraping noise... but I took it to a local shop and looked at it. It looks like the boots are rubbing together... if anyone else has had this problem let me know what you did to fix it!
  14. Metal scraping sound / New V owner

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I just purchased a 99 Ex RT4WD about a week ago. She's got 95,xxx miles and needs a tune up but ive already ordered everything i need, just anxiously waiting for them to arrive :D Shes been driving well without any issues but yesterday i started getting this metal scraping sound as if the...
  15. Scraping noise from right rear

    Problems & Issues
    When I make a sweeping left-hand turn on a curvy road, I get sort of "Scrr-scrr-scrr-scrr" coming from (it sounds like) the right rear section of the car. Here's the thing: 1) It seems like it only happens on left turns 2) It has to be above a certain speed, ie this won't happen on a turn from...