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  1. What one thing was it that sealed the Deal on buying your Gen 5 CR-V?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Looking at the exterior I was mildly impressed, after all it looked almost exactly like my Gen4 Rav4. When I saw the interior and heard the MPG I was pretty much sold on the vehicle. It was such a huge step up from the RAV4 that I fell in love right away. That lasted for about 3 minutes and...
  2. Fuel tank topless cap poor sealed

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Not sure any one noticed this issue. The topless cap could not seal the fuel tank properly. Last week I was out of town and parked my CRV in my garage, the CRV was the only vehicle in the garage.The garage door kept closed for a week. When I went home and got into the garage, there's very strong...
  3. 2004 A/C Condenser to Radiator space (should it be sealed?)

    Problems & Issues
    The A/C was repaired a couple years ago. Not sure what was done as Father-in-law didn't keep receipts. I know it was about $1,000 when he did it. Since he gave it to my son we now get to work and diagnose any issues. Sunday 90+ degrees the A/C stopped blowing cold when sitting at idle (waiting...
  4. Portable jump starter: sealed lead acid vs lithium-ion

    I want to buy a portable jump starter to keep in my CR-V. The lithium-ion type is lighter, compact, and more convenient. But is it reliable in cold weather?
  5. FS:Genuine Apple iPhone/Samsung/iPad air/iPad Mini/Factory Sealed Unlocked

    Mobile Electronics
    Shipping We ship using USPS or UPS We ship within 3 business day from receipt of payment. We do not change your shipping address by email. Please make sure your address is correct before checking out and making payment.on our website We do ship to APO, FPO, Post Office box...
  6. For Sale Brand New unlocked Apple iPhone 5 64GB Factory Sealed

    Problems & Issues
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  7. FS: K&N 69-1014TS Air Intake (BRAND NEW SEALED)

    Trading Post
    SOLD: K&N 69-1014TS Air Intake (BRAND NEW SEALED) Hi, I'm selling a K&N 69-1014TS Typhoon Silver Air Intake System . It is brand new and still sealed in the box. I've just installed one in my '09 CRV LX and you can take a look at the link below...