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  1. 2018 Honda CRV Seatbelt problems car BRAND NEW TODAY!!!! Help

    Problems & Issues
    I decided not to buy a used car and went $10000 over budget to purchase a new 2018 CRV EXL Well, I drive the car 30 miles today and got in the car 4 times. Out of the 4 times I got in the car 2 times when I shut the door the seatbelt got caught in the door jam. Yes NOW I have to dings in...
  2. Middle seatbelt too short?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    So I took a drive this weekend with the family. We had my 4 year old son in his car seat my wife in middle rear, father in law rear driver side and my mother in law in shot gun. While driving my wife’s seatbelt kept locking up like when you pull it out to install a car seat. She couldn’t lean...
  3. Rear ceiling mounted seat belt fraying

    Problems & Issues
    The rear center seatbelt (ceiling mounted) has rubbed against the ceiling housing to the point where the housing and the seat belt are unsafe. This is on a 2013 EXL and we always had the seat belt extended to the seat. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced? Were you able to get Honda...
  4. Rear seatbelt replacement

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi, I need to replace my right rear seatbelt on a 07 CRV. Is removing the back seat necessary? I can't seem to be able to reach the lower bolt cause the seat is in the way.
  5. Replace rear seatbelt 2013 EX

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Just inherited my Dads CR-V, first order of business is replacing the seatbelt chewed through by his dog. Looks like I have to pull the rear window surround trim, which also conceals an airbag. Any issues with me removing this trim, and is there a trick for where to start? I have al the...
  6. Seatbelt extender

    I am looking for a seatbelt extender for my 07 rear middle seat. But I don't know what type it is. Anyone know the buckle type at that model/posistion? Thanks!
  7. stop the seat belt beeping (no health and safety trolls please)

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    OK everytime I get in my car I sit down and put the key in the ignition{cue the"key in ignition and door is open" beeping} then I start the car and while the engine is idling I put my seat belt on however as soon as the ignition is on the car starts beeping at me to put my seatbelt on! :mad: I...
  8. 2002 CRV drivers seatbelt latch hard to connect

    Maintenance and Service
    OK, next problem. You have to slam the drivers seatbelt latch in to get it to stay. Any easy fix other then a new assembly?
  9. Replacing seatbelt after airbag deployed

    Maintenance and Service
    Does anybody have experience dealing with SRS system? 2008 CR-V was involved in front collision and driver airbag deployed, also the driver seatbelt locked. I replaced the airbag. Now I'm shopping for driver seatbelt. My question is does seatbelt buckle have to be replaced as well? It seems to...
  10. 2004 CR-V Front Seatbelt Install

    Problems & Issues
    I have to replace the front, passenger side seat belt on my CR-V. Will most likely replace with a used unit from ebay. Note, this is not the latch/receiver, but the actual belt assembly. Anyone have experience with this type of job? Is it difficult? Need any special tools? Any feedback is...
  11. How do I remove small latch plate from rear middle seatbelt

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have 2014 CRV EX-L. Is there any way to disconnect the small latch plate from it's anchor in the rear seat? I just don't like having the seatbelt strap drapped over the rear middle seat.
  12. need to replace drivers side rear seatbelt

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hi recently bought a '99 crv... Its in great condition except for the seatbelt that is almost torn in half. Bought another seatbelt to put in ,but am unsure how to get the cargo rear panel off. Definitely don't want to break any clips etc... Any one taken that piec of that can tell me if there...
  13. Rattling P/S Seatbelt is Driving me CRAZY! (2010 EX-L)

    Problems & Issues
    My passengers side seatbelt retractor has been rattling (metal on metal) since the day I drove the vehicle off the lot (brand new 2010 EX-L - 6 miles total). There is a Honda technical service bulletin that explains a similar problem with the rear seatbelt retractors - TSB 05-073. I'd like to...
  14. 2002 CRV seatbelt replacement

    Problems & Issues
    Anyone found a good place for aftermarket seatbelts? My 02 needs them as the retractor barely works and the Honda dealer in Canada wants 800.00 for a set! Too pricey for me. i found a place in the states but when you look at what they say is the replacement parts the pictures don't quite look...
  15. Small '09 seatbelt gripe

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Curious if anyone else noticed (or cared) that you have to fumble for the pass side buckle on the belt? What I mean is that in the webbing of the belt itself, on the drivers side, there is a "nub" sewn in that holds the buckle up about midway up on the belt. makes it easier to "find" the...
  16. Central Rear Seatbelt Solution for third child seat?!

    Problems & Issues
    Ideas/solutions needed!!................. I am wishing to use my central rear seatbelt for a (third) childseat or booster seat but am having real trouble as you essentially sit on top of the socket so it's wide enough but virtually impossible to fit the buckle into the socket. I bought a seat...
  17. Door Trim getting dinged by Seatbelt !

    Dear Honda:
    Honda I am under warranty , and my major complaint so far is the door post plastic trim is taking a beating from the seat belt metal buckle. You need to address this now and correct it under warranty. The plastic trin looks bad and might ding resale value, What have the engineers come up with to...
  18. 2003 CRV - SRS Related - Driver's Side Seatbelt Sensor

    Problems & Issues
    Hello: I am hoping someone can shed light on a possible Service Bulletin or goodwill program for faulty driver's side seat belt sensor in a 2003 CRV. - My SRS light illuminated last week. - My local dealership pulled up fault code "21-1LF" - Diagnosis was faulty sensor in the "left front...
  19. Seatbelt Warning Light CR-V 2003

    Problems & Issues
    My 2003 CR-V detects when the driver's seatbelt is unfastened and the seat occupied, but not the co-drivers seatbelt. Is this a defect or just the way it works? My worry is that the co-drivers airbag will not deploy if the seat is supposedly empty. I'd value your thoughts on this people.
  20. Seatbelt reminder beep + indicator

    Problems & Issues
    Hi CR-Ver's ! I've Just bought a 2006 model and want to stop the seatbelt reminder beep (and eventually indicator). Is it possible ? I didn't find any specific fuse :confused: Thanks in advance. Phil