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  1. Accessories
    CRV 2010 Skid Plates and Reversing Sensors Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to fit front and rear skid plates to a 2010 CRV? The UK ES model comes with parking sensors and the honda web site says skid plates are not compatible with parking sensors. Having had a look at a few CRVs and...
  2. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    I recently installed Donnelly Temp and Auto Dim kit on my CRV 2008 LX. It did not came with instructions on where to place the temp sensor. I placed the sensor behind the horn which is by the fuse box on the right engine side. It did not turn out to be a good spot, the temp in 7-10 degrees F...
261-262 of 314 Results