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  1. Asia Spec CRV has separate infotainment system for rear passenger?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I was browsing accessories for the CRV on ebay when I ran into this item for rear cupholder trim piece. The photos shows what looks like a separate infotainment screen in the fold down cupholder/armrest. Is this a something the Asia models are getting that's missing for NA models? It looks...
  2. Dear Honda, separate tone controls per source, please on the radio

    Dear Honda:
    Can't go aftermarket radio without loosing functions. Can't install an EX-L radio in an LX because the harnesses are different. Can you at least give me separate tone (treble/bass) controls for each source on the LX radio, so I can bounce back between a CD, and listening to drive-time traffic...
  3. Cold weather Dead Baterry and AWD lights (separate issues)

    Problems & Issues
    I live in cleveland Ohio. My 2012 CRV AWD EX (Grey) did not start on Jan 7th (Polar Vortex Day, Midwest was all in Frigid temps). I called Geico ERS, they said they were 6hrs backed up. I missed work that day. I finally got it jumped that evening from a neighbors truck. It has 20600 miles in 24...
  4. Are spark plug replacement and engine valve adjustment separate services?

    Maintenance and Service
    I realize that valve adjustment requires spark plug removal... We had our CRV at an auto shop to replace the plugs, cap and rotor, but it has been check engine lighting since that service. The shop now says that we now also need a valve adjustment. Should they have done it as part of the...