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  1. watch movies online 2013 september

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Please Click this to watch the Drinking Buddies movie. Also Follow this link. Please Click here to watch online the Short Term 12 movie. Also click here. Please source the The Frozen Ground movie. Also Follow link. Please Click this to watch the The Grandmaster movie. Also Click here to watch...
  2. September 2012 Ride of the Month ENTRIES!

    Important Dates Now through September 24th: Submission Entries. Please post your entries and pictures in this thread. (Submissions after 11:59PM on the 24th will not be included in the competition) September 26th through end of the month: A poll will be added containing the entered...
  3. 2012 CRV to be unveiled at the Orange County Autoshow September 22 – 25, 2011

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    It looks like the reveal will be in my neighborhood! :D September 22 – 25, 2011 Anaheim, CA. "Don't miss the world debut of the all-new 2012 Honda CR-V Concept as it is unveiled at the auto show." A "Concept", so...
  4. September 2011 ROTM Entries and Nominations

    Important Dates Now through 20th: Entries. Submissions after 11:59PM on the 20th will not be included in the competition 20th through end of the month: Staff voting for final 5 Submissions must include: 3 photos; no more, no less. NO collages. Modifications list Link to build thread if you...
  5. September special?

    H-and-A Accessories
    How about offering the factory service manual for the 2008 as the September special?
  6. Party Down in Tucson (AZ) Late August/Early September?

    South by Southwest
    I was wondering... Why not have a meet in LATE August (last Saturday, the 30th) to early September, or so, down here in the Old Pueblo? It wouldn't be anything formal to begin with, just a chance for Arizona (and whoever else) wants to come down here to have food, drive somewhere, photo...
  7. Another great September for Honda and the CR-V [10.2.7]

    10/02/2007 - TORRANCE, Calif. - American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted record September sales of 127,200 Honda and Acura vehicles, up 13.8 percent on a daily-selling-rate basis*, the company announced today. American Honda year-to-date sales totaled 1,193,520, up 2.8 percent on a...
  8. Acura Announces September Sales Results [10.3.6]

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    Acura Announces September Sales Results Light Truck Sales Reach a Second Consecutive Monthly Record For the Luxury Division Torrance, Calif. 10/03/2006 -- Fueled by the first full month of sales of the all-new turbocharged RDX crossover SUV and continued steady sales of the MDX luxury...
  9. American Honda Reports Record September Truck Sales [10.3.6]

    Torrance, Calif. 10/03/2006 -- Total September Honda and Acura light truck sales increased 7.3 percent* over last year to 49,114 units and broke the previous September record of 44,271 set in 2004, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announced today. American Honda sales continued on a...