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  1. How much to spend on services and what can you skip

    Maintenance and Service
    I brought a certified used 2014 crv last summer and it is the nicest car I've ever owned. Before this, I had a used 2005 element for 8 years. I mostly just paid for oil changes, two sets of new tires, and two sets of brakes. My crv came with lifetime free oil changes and each time I go, I get a...
  2. How many oil changes and other regular services required in first three years?

    Maintenance and Service
    Dear CR-V Owners, I need to make a decision regarding whether to keep the Honda Care maintenance or get rid of it I own a Honda CR-V 2017 EX-L w/Navi bought on April 15, 2017. And paid USD 995 for three year Honda care maintenance. I went in for my first service a few days back and was not...
  3. 2017 CR-V in LX trim (base radio) and satellite radio services.

    Mobile Electronics
    What would be the best arrangement to get SiriusXM in the LX? Thanks.
  4. Maintenance and services

    Maintenance and Service
    When do i change my first engine oil after purchasing a new CRV?
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  6. Services for an aging CR-V

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all, first post here! I have a 2010 CR-V with only 17k miles on it. My mom uses to to drive a half mile twice a day to get my sister from the bus, so it is rarely used, hence the low miles. From a service standpoint, the CR-V has really only needed oil changes, however from an age...
  7. Suggested services and maint at 150K - 2009 CR-V

    Maintenance and Service
    We have an 09' CR-V, bought new, put in gas and drive, never been back to the Honda dealer one time. The only service that it has had is oil and filter chgs, trans oil chg'd once at 100K, brake job at 80K, and a new battery. Surely we have neglected doing many, many recommended services, and...
  8. When To Have These Vital Services?

    Performance Modifications
    I took in my 2002 CRV a week ago (December 20, 2013), and I was told that every 3 years or 30,000 miles that these services should be done: •Brake Flush •Power Steering Flush •Coolant Flush •Transmission Service •Differential Service •Cabin Filter replacement •Air Filter replacement The last...
  9. Are spark plug replacement and engine valve adjustment separate services?

    Maintenance and Service
    I realize that valve adjustment requires spark plug removal... We had our CRV at an auto shop to replace the plugs, cap and rotor, but it has been check engine lighting since that service. The shop now says that we now also need a valve adjustment. Should they have done it as part of the...
  10. 2002 CR-V 150k miles with no major services for a while

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi all, I have a FWD Automatic 2002 CRV. (Well when I search the vin it says 4WD but it's not?). Anyway I haven't had major service done for a while and now I'm worried I may have left it too late. What maintenance should I have done to my vehicle? It was in an accident about a 6 months ago...
  11. Do I really need all these services?

    Maintenance and Service
    2005 Honda CR-V 48,600 miles 5-speed automatic 2.4 liter engine My local Honda dealer gave me a free bumper to bumper inspection yesterday. Aterward, he handed me a list of what he recommends: Transmission fluid change - $129 Power Steering fluid - $124 Front lower control arm bushings - $494...
  12. Help me what to do for used 2002CRV.

    Maintenance and Service
    Dear Senior members, I am a newbie to Honda, live in Yangon,Burma.Last month I bought a used CR-V from Japan. Car details are 2002 CRV Full mark iL, RHD. 2.0L i-Vtec DOHC , RD4 2WD ,4AT, 77625 km. Car looks alright, but there is no service history available, I have done following services...
  13. Services

    Problems & Issues
    I own a CRV in the UK.. a 2003 model with 90k on the clock - love it - never had a problem with it. Consequently ten minutes ago I just picked up a 2011 CRV in the US on a lease ... Very different and very confusing sales experience to the kind I'm used to in the UK. I have no idea what even...
  14. 2008 CR-V 15K services: what to expect?

    Maintenance and Service
    Dear All, The mileage is 13400 on my 2008 CR-V EX 4wd. I had a few oil change, with full synthetic. replaced cabin and air(intake?) filters last time I have the oil change. I've only have the oil changed by my own mechanic. This will be the first time going to the dealership. (for reason I...
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  16. 36K service dealers all offer different services

    Maintenance and Service
    So my V is coming up to the 36K service. Warranty will run out so I want to make sure I do the right thing. 1st dealer recommends to do all fluids, diff, trans, etc big $ service 2nd dealer recommends Oil change, filter change, air filter change, cabin filter and check everything so what to...
  17. Can't Do My Own Services, But Don't Want to Use Dealer

    Maintenance and Service
    Im one of those people who doesn't know enough about cars to do or feel comfortable doing maintenance. Sure, I can change the oil, but beyond that, I would void the warranty by not knowing the MM codes, or know how to do other recommended stuff. That being said, I don't feel comfortable paying...
  18. 100K Services ... How Necessary??

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hey- I have a 99 CR-V and although I past the 100K mark, and I KNOW I *should* get the 100K maintenance, I have people (family/friends) telling me it's a waste of $... Yes, I love my car, she's been very good to me (bought her used several yrs. ago), and I'd like to keep her another 100K, BUT...