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  1. 08 LX Shelf Options

    OK the lx doesn't have the shelf option instead the useless there something out there? Thanks!
  2. ATF shelf life

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm getting ready to do a drain/fill on my 2012. In the process, I found an unopened quart of DW1 from when I serviced my prior 2001 years ago. That quart, left on the shelf in the garage, is probably 5 to 6 years old. Is it ok to use?
  3. Which cargo trays can stored under the "shelf" when placed in the high position?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Which cargo trays can stored under the "shelf" when placed in the high position? Looking to buy a cargo tray, and we usually use the floor in the lower position. However, sometimes we raise it to the higher position for the flat floor. I know the Honda OEM tray can be stored beneath the floor...
  4. 3rd gen cargo shelf FREE to a good home

    Trading Post
    I no longer have my 2009 CRV, and I just found my barely-ever-used grey cargo shelf in the rafters of my garage! Pretty sure it will fit any 3rd gen (2007-2011) CRV. Hopefully someone can use it. Due to size, I'm assuming shipping is not cost effective, so local pickup might be best, unless...
  5. Usefulness of the Cargo Shelf in Upper vs Lower position?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I am currently looking into cargo trays and cannot decide between the lower tray or the upper tray. Mostly, I fail to see the point in having the cargo shelf in the lower position so I'm hoping for examples of when people use one position over the other.
  6. Is there a DIY for a cargo shelf?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    I am loving our CR-V so far but really miss the rear cargo shelf that we had in our 07. Has anyone done a DIY shelf for the current models? I am really interested in doing something like this but would rather see if someone has already researched it. I assume Honda dropped this feature to...
  7. Why eliminate hard cargo shelf, which doubled storage capacity?

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Honda - We've owned a CRV since 2007, and it's our second one. We're preparing to buy are third, as we clearly are happy, satisfied customers. But what a disappointment to discover that the BEST feature of the car -- the hard, weight-bearing, folding shelf over the cargo area -- has...
  8. Wanted! Hard Shelf in rear cargo.

    Dear Honda:
    My 2007 CRV EXL had a hard shelf in the cargo area. I miss it terribly in the 2012 model. Two layers for groceries, cases of water and gear. The sliding mesh not to popular.
  9. Gen 1 rear cargo privacy shelf

    Trading Post
    DELETE AD, no longer needed
  10. Please bring back to ability to use the rear courtesy/privacy cover as a shelf

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Honda: Please bring back the functional ability (like our old and dearly departed 2010 CRV had) to use the privacy cover (our couresty cover as some call it which was hard and sturdy in the 2010 version) as a shelf. Our family LOVED that feature the 2010 offered. Sad to see our new 2015...
  11. Mk3 Middle Boot Shelf DIY?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi has anyone attenpted to make the folding middle shelf for a Mk 3 CRV, I have just bought a 2007 2.2cdti es and it isn't with the car I have looked on ebay but people are asking stupid money for them, or can anyone recommend where to get one at a sensible price thanks
  12. Why no more rear cargo shelf?

    Dear Honda:
    We are on our 3rd generation of CRV's (06', 10', 14') and really found the rear cargo shelf to be useful in the 2010. Any idea why they took it out of the latest generation? I want it back!
  13. 2000 CRV How to fit parcel/cargo shelf? Help please ...

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    Hi all, Am based in U K and recently acquired 2000 Executive CRV. It did not have a rear parcel/cargo shelf, so I picked up a used one from eBay (MK1), Was told it "just slotted in" - maybe I'm missing something but I cannot see in rear of my CRV where to slot it in (no holes/ dips etc in side...
  14. WTB: 3rd Gen Cargo Shelf - Tan

    Trading Post
    Hello, Does anyone have a tan cargo shelf for a 3rd gen that they are not using or do not want anymore? I saw them on Ebay, but I wanted to check with you all first. Thanks!
  15. FS OE Gen 3 Rear Shelf

    Trading Post
    Black, very good condition. $20 + the ride. Sold.
  16. Cargo Shelf 3rd Generation 2001-2011

    Cargo Shelf 3rd Generation 2007-2011 Has anyone bought the e-bay aftermarket cargo shelf like this one. I have a 2010 with the latching blocks for the shelf already in place. Does the aftermarket shelf...
  17. WTS: Gen3 OEM Grey Cargo Shelf > Pic.

    Trading Post
    SOLD: Gen3 OEM Grey Cargo Shelf > Pic. This is the OEM Honda grey cargo shelf bought new for my 2011 CRV. It is very clean w/ out stains & smoke free, MSRP is $404. & Bernardi sells it for $296.+ S&I SOLD @ $175 / BRO shipped CONUS or a NETX FTF, posted FS elsewhere & PM me w/ any questions.
  18. Luggage cover and parcel shelf

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi I just bought a 2008 crv es and to my surprise there was no cargo bay cover (one that rolls up) or shelf, I was told that it was an optional item and this one just didn't come with it. I had a brief look online and didn't find much info on this. I can understand if the shelf is optional but...
  19. Cargo Net for Upper Cargo Shelf?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hi All, Is it possible to attach the cargo net to the top of the cargo shelf so that I can keep secure objects on top of the shelf? Thanks in advance.
  20. Best way to remove "tabs" to install AM Cargo Shelf?

    I just received my Aftermarket Cargo Shelf from EBAY. I am VERY impressed with the quality. I can't figure out however how to remove the 4 tabs on the rails that support the shelf. They appear to have a gap at the base, and another post i searched for mentioned they just pry off, but my first...