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  1. Mk2 CR-V mirror shell replacement

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi folks, I have searched but can't find instructions for what I want to do. I snapped the blue RH (drivers side in UK) wing mirror off of the work MK2 Honda. I have a replacement from my old car but it is grey. As the blue shell is not damaged I'd like to swap them over, but I can't find...
  2. 1999 crv remote key fob shell

    I am looking for a replacement shell due to the fact that the buttons are worn. Can anyone point me to a seller of a replacement shell. My remote is p/n 08E61-S01-1M001. Thanks
  3. eBay key shell worked fine on 09 V

    Mobile Electronics
    I purchased a 5.00 key shell on ebay for my wife's 09 V. It broke where the blade meets the fob which I understand is kind of common. Well, getting it cut was not that easy. I had one locksmith freak out and insist that I buy their blank for $170. "Our machine will take 25 minutes to cut this...