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  1. Automatic transmission shifts directly to drive

    Problems & Issues
    So details -2001 ex crv - automatic - AWD version but driveshaft disconnected from rear so just fwd. - so when I start the crv and shift down gear selection goes directly to drive (D4) does not light up N or R on the way to D4 at all. Once in D4 I can move shifter up to N and then so to...
  2. Transmission shifts late

    Problems & Issues
    Hi! I've been having this problem for a while, usually when I'm driving hard the transmission shifts fine! However, if I'm not trying to go fast with the accelerator the transmission shifts late, even there are moments that the gear stays like stuck! For example, I'm driving in the city, I press...
  3. '98 CR-V Transmission shifts down a gear at unusual times-

    Problems & Issues
    My new-to-me '98 CR-V transmission shifts up beautifully, but if I slow down to around 20mph, then speed up again, even very gradually with almost no throttle pressure, the transmission shifts down a gear upon throttle application, then in a couple of seconds as the vehicle gains speed, it...
  4. 2008 CRV EX-L Shifts but car won't drive and wheels won't turn

    Problems & Issues
    Mileage: 83000 Trans: Auto- 5 Speed This happened to me twice on two consecutive Fridays. Car is parked in my work parking lot, the ignition turns on then engine light is on, I can switch gears but no movement and the steering wheel won't turn. If it's a transmission issue, why wouldn't the...
  5. 2017 CRV Unrefined CVT Shifts?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Has anyone else noticed those herky-jerky shifts from the CVT? It might be most noticeable during Adaptive Cruise Control velocity station keeping but can also be felt during initial acceleration/take off. I've heard reviewers state Honda added some shift abruptness to give the feel of a...
  6. Overdrive shifts in and out by it's self. The O/D button does not work.

    Problems & Issues
    Our 2007 CR-V will start out ok but suddenly will shift out of O/D then back again randomly. The button to control the O/D does nothing. Sometimes it will go out of O/D and stay like that until I turn off the motor and then turn on again. Latter it will start do shift in and out again. Today I...
  7. 2008 Honda CR-V transmission shifts hard from 1st to 2nd gear after its been sitting

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2008 Honda CR-V and am having an intermittent problem with the automatic transmission. It doesn't do it everytime, and there seems to be no difference if its morning or afternoon or summer or winter. If the car has been sitting for a few hours when you first go to take of it will shift...
  8. Nasty engine noise when making quick gear shifts.

    Diesel CR-V
    If I accelerate up to about 2500/3000 and drop the clutch quickly for a faster gear change I get get a brief, harsh noise. If I ease the the throttle back just before de-clutching I don't get it - is it the turbo? My last 2005 model never did it in 200,000 miles, but my wife's civic diesel with...
  9. 2003 AT - gear shifts at high rpm and rpm stays high

    Problems & Issues
    2003 AT - 2WD with 66,000 miles - all maintenance currnet per manual No check engine light and car idles normal in park. About 9 months ago around 57,000 miles, I had IAC value replaced. Car ran good with no issues until I changed air filter. I damaged/broke something while removing the air...
  10. Advice needed: '03 EX 5sp MT disengages thru gear shifts

    Problems & Issues
    This is a weird problem. Was driving today and the engine malfunction light came on at a stop light. Then, when I engaged the car, the manual tramsission would "shut off" (like it was in neutral) at 10mph in first great. Then 20mph in 2nd, 35 in 3rd, 45 in 4th. If I went over 60mph in 5th...
  11. 05 crv friction noise when shifts between 1st and second

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all First off it is an automatic transmission. On initial start up when the vehicle shifts from first to second I hear a friction sound at the time of shift.After the first shift the sound does not repeat again until the next time I start the engine and go. Some more info woulb be...
  12. Honda Motor Shifts More Vehicle Development to U.S. [9.18.6]

    Media News & Reviews
    By Alan Ohnsman Click here to read the entire article from Bloomberg