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  1. Western Canada & Alaska Owners
    has anyone tried this? any reviews or comments?
  2. Appearance
    Has anyone ever tried this or used this? The claim is that it produces a mirror like shine and protects the car for up to 3-5 years without having to do anything.. no waxing or heavy cleaning just simple rinses. I'm thinking of getting this for my 2017 CRV to protect it I'm a lazy person so...
  3. Appearance
    Has anyone seen and/or use a tire shine Thst when applied stays on for about 3-4 months before needed to be reapplied
  4. Appearance
    Getting ready to give our new CR-V her first wax. I've had some TW that I use for my guitars...oddly enough, it's Taylor's recommended product to use on all their acoustics. Anyway, just checking here to see if anyone has an opinion on whether TW is a good choice. thanks
  5. Appearance
    New to the site... Check out Cajun Shine All. Use it basically exclusively. Amazing results, cheap enough, and amazingly easy to apply!!!
  6. Accessories
    Wondering to choose between stainless steel or the new material mirror polycarbonate for pillar cover. Seller claims that it is 7 x more shining than ss, I decided to try the polycarbonate. First impression of the material is light and cheap when shipment received. After installing it to my...
1-6 of 6 Results