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  1. Problems & Issues
    Hi folks, I'm really stuck and so is the garage that has done a lot of work to my 2004 Honda CRV 1800 Petrol 4WD. The car had been sitting off road for a while and back brakes were binding, at first we thought it could be the handbrake cable but this was checked and all ok so new rear shoes...
  2. Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Hello everyone, I just had a quick maintenance question, It's time to do the brakes on the crv, and my parking break is very loose and takes a lot of clicks to set. My CRV has 117k on it and since i was goign to be doing the brakes and the rotors i was wondering if the shoes for the parking...
  3. Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Dumped the WRG2 SUV's for the Nokian Nordman 5 SUV's. The all weather were a big step above traditional all seasons, but still not suitable for extreme climates. So I put these on Sakura :) Hauskaa Joulua :)
  4. Maintenance and Service
    ok 1997 269,000 miles and need help the right/pass/ rear drum brake hub is rubbing the shoes. the axel is tight. also the brake plate is tight . But some how the shoes are rubbing on the brake hub and it is all the way around the shoes . I put shims to move the hub out but it is taking more...
  5. Problems & Issues
    So I'm a newbie here. I have a 1999 CR-V with 138K miles on it. The CR-V was making a light squeaking noise when letting up off of the brake, and after research I found out that it was the brake shoes squeaking against the backing plate when I released the brake. So I had a friend of mine that...
  6. Image & Video Gallery
    Got some new tires a few days ago. Decided to spice it up a little bit and go with a new brand and size, I went with 215/75/R15 General Grabber AT2s and they look and ride amazingly. Here are a few pics Overall, I'm very pleased with this set up, the tires have an amazing amount of...
  7. Image & Video Gallery
    Here are my CR-V's new tyres which were fitted this week. The pics were taken bright and early this morning. Also couldn't resist doing a mini photo shoot while I was at it! :wink: Tyres are Pirelli Scorpion STR's, in stock size 205/70/R15.