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  1. '19 Shopping: Fair price/online offers

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I'm working with six dealers within a 200-mile radius on getting a '19 CR-V EX-L 2WD. We know we want white with ivory interior. I asked, via email, for them to send me a offer. Only two have. Most reply with "We'll match your best offer. Come on in". I remind them I am 2 1/2 hours away and I...
  2. Shopping for 2018 CRV EX-L

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi there, Shopping for 2018 CRV EX-L in DEC 2018. Whats the best price I could get this for? Any tips/points on how to negotiate with the dealer or to get the best price? Any areas where I can get the price down like document charges etc... Please help !!! Thanks, Sriram.
  3. shopping for 2007 cr-v: rust advice

    Shopping & Test Driving
    hey guys, i did it. after narrowing down to a CR-V i found one. year 2007. but not sure how to interpret the rust here. probably natural for an old car to have some rust, but i'm just wondering if any experts would see any serious damage from the shots below. i assume the break pads will...
  4. Shopping: First time buying SUV...need advice

    Shopping & Test Driving
    First time buying an SUV sometime next year and struggling to decide. I know this is a Honda forum and the opinion may be skewed to a Honda, but was curious everyones thoughts on what to get. I want decent fuel efficiency, all wheel drive, heated seats, and nothing older than 2 years. I have...
  5. shopping for a CRV AWDTouring

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I have been shopping for a CRV Touring 2018. I would welcome feedback on how much I should pay? Best price I received so far was $34,400 out the door. This has some ad ons and 3 free oil changes. Located in Maryland.
  6. Easy to follow Car Covers Shopping Guide - Must-Read from CARiD
    If you struggling through the process of finding the best car cover and now trying to figure out which one will be the most suitable for you, take a glance at the Car Covers Category at CARiD. Custom-tailored and universal fit covers, manufactured by domestic and import brands, intended for both...
  7. Shopping for a 2017 Touring AWD

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Ok, I'm new here and have a couple of shopping questions. Wife currently has a 2006 CRV AWD with 124,000 trouble free miles. MIL says get a new one so who am I to argue. Wife (and myself) want a 2017 Touring AWD in Obsidian Blue Pearl. Shopping local dealer websites and no one has a blue...
  8. Shopping advice 2011 v 2014

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hello, new to forum. I'm looking at a 2011 with navigation and leather heated seats. I prefer the appearance of the straight window waistline and the single large navigation screen over the newer 2014 as an example. Right now I'm seeing 2014 lease returns around $21,250 equipped and $16,998 for...
  9. Shopping advice needed 3rd or 4th Gen ?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hello, I'm new to this Honda forum and looking for a low miles 2008-20011 crv ex-l (?) with navigation and leather heated seats to replace our go-get do all old Passat doggy beater wagon. I prefer the straight window line waistband and the dash layout of the single screen navagation/back up...
  10. Tire shopping suggestions needed

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I just bought a 2015 CR-V, driving less than 300 km and tire popped. I went to the dealer, they said there was no way to repair, and it could only be replaced by new ones. This thing gives me the impression that the brand that I’m using is super NOT durable. So I decided to change the rest of...
  11. CR-V Cross Shopping

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I recently purchased a 2016 CR-V EX AWD. These are impressions of the vehicles that I test drove before purchasing the Honda. They are in roughly order of worst to best overall. CR-V Test Drives Nissan Rogue SV AWD + Appearance-wise, the Rogue is first rate. It looks nice outside and in...
  12. Shopping for a 2016 CRV EX-L. How much did you pay?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Upgrading from my 2007 Honda Civic and looking for other people who have bought the 2016 CRV hopefully the EX-L model. I would like to see; How much discount i can ask for from the dealer? What is the invoice price? How many extras did they throw in? What add-ons are worth it vs not worth it?
  13. Shopping and Prices Paid, 2016 models

    Shopping & Test Driving
    We're browsing offers from multiple dealers on 2016 CRV's. Mostly we buy EXL Navi and Touring and we usually buy a few cars at one time, normally not all from the same dealer. We always ask for a price +++, that means, Out the Door (OTD) with fees, tax, tag, prep, etc, etc, all included. We...
  14. I'm shopping for some '15 Touring accessories

    Just purchased a pair of 2015 Tourings last week, and looking to get some accessories! :) I looked around online and found these, but I'm wondering if there are any better places to be looking? I abbreviated the vendors, so this isnt in ad in any form. It may also help someone else doing...
  15. Used crv shopping - need advice!!!

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hey everyone - I've been looking at a few CR-Vs lately and am getting ready to pull the trigger. Wanted to get some advice on which model sounds like a good bet: Its between: 2009 White EX-L with 50k miles for $15.9 2011 Silver EX with 47k miles for $15.4 2009 Black AWD EX-L with 70k miles for...
  16. Gen 2 (2005-2006) Shopping Questions

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi, I'm interested in purchasing an '05-'06, EX, and after searching forums and googling for common issues on these cars I'm coming up with nothing other than changing rear diff fluid, which is pretty simple. Are there any known issues that these cars have that I should look out for? Would...
  17. New Here - Shopping for a CR-V (Advice Wanted!)

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm from New Brunswick, Canada and looking to transition from my '02 Honda Civic to a used CR-V. My wife and I are looking at some models in the 2010 - 2012 range in order to get a used CR-V with some warranty left on it. If you were shopping for a used CR-V of this age (or any...
  18. Shopping for another First Gen 2001 Gem

    Shopping & Test Driving
    I'm in the market for another 2001 CR-V EX. My brother's Mazda Millenia S is starting to die on him. I love this model so much, I'm going to hunt either a manual for myself and trade with bro, or just find him an automatic 2001 with low mileage. Here's my dilemma, should I even entertain the...
  19. New guy shopping for a CR-V, Questions??

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hello, I am looking for a CR-V. I was looking at 2007 but am a bit put off by some problems I keep seeing. One that seems minor but bothers me is that every one I have tested has had broken down seat foam on the drivers side and the leather models seem to have the door armrest vinyl...
  20. Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

    Honda Part World
    Cyber Monday has come early. Save an additional 5% on Honda CRV Parts & Accessories - now through November 30th Enter for a Chance to Win Honda Flyer Lionel Train Set