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  1. 06 Honda CRV Possible VSA Module Shorted

    Problems & Issues
    Hey got an 06 CRV. Ive read around here that VSA Module's going bad is common for my year model. what are the symptoms and has anyone ever had their ABS Module rebuilt. I am a Nissan Tech so I will be doing everything myself. My situation is: Turn the car on. No lights on. Drive around for...
  2. 1997 CR-V overheating! (new thermostat, new sending unit, fans working when shorted)

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1997 CR-V, the fan stopped working so I checked relay's which are fine, I tested the motor by shorting the fan at the fan switch and it works. I changed the fanswitch, and the sending guage unit but it still overheats, and even with the fan always on (shorted). I feel it's overheating...
  3. shorted something!

    Problems & Issues
    I didn't have my glasses on and inadvertently connected the wrong poles on a brand new battery. Had new battery retested for '05 CR V with 70 thou miles - battery good. One short spark told me I touched the positive cable to the battery negative. She's completely out!. No lights, no horn, no...