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shuddering or vibration

  1. 97 CRV 150K miles, shuddering/vibration in seat at speed

    Problems & Issues
    My Daughters 97 seems to be shuddering quite a bit at speed, mostly in the seat, not as much in the steering wheel or throttle. I drained the filled the transmission fluid a week or two ago, and rotated the tires a few months ago. I'm not sure it has ever had an alignment or wheel balance since...
  2. Shuddering/vibration a 40mph. SOLVED!

    Maintenance and Service
    Ill try to keep this short and simple. Had this problem at 60k and still under warranty. Brought it into honda and they said torque converer. Replaced it free. Now at 115k guess what returned? Now I'm ready to go to war with honda but I. Say to myself let me try a fluid change. Sure enough that...