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  1. Squeaking for a few seconds after engine shutdown

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I often notice when I pull into the garage and shutoff the engine there is a squeaking sound from something slowing down until it comes to a stop. Sounds a little like a bearing that is going out. I don’t notice it with the engine running but I don’t think it’s loud enough to hear over the...
  2. smart cruise shutdown in snow

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    how can radar sensors be cleaned my smart cruise control shut down while traveling in snowy weather? I have 2018 CRV.
  3. Can I adjust the shutdown time for remote start?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I have a 2017 honda CR/V that I love. When the weather gets cold (near Chicago) I like to start it remotely so that it warms up. However, it shuts down when started remotely, which is a good thing, but the standard shutdown time is too short. I would like to adjust it and make it shutdown...
  4. Total electrical shutdown

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone Looking for some help here I have a 2007 mk3 car-v with manual 6 speed gearbox here in Wales U.K. I was driving home tonight when my lights started flickering and then started to dim and pretty much go off All the dashboard lights started lighting up and the abs,tsa,warning lights...
  5. CRV 2007 - All power shutdown a few seconds after ignition turned on, not started

    Problems & Issues
    Dear Forum, I have a puzzling issue which I'd like your help with. The battery is quite new and fully charged, I have checked all cables, earthing and voltages across all fuses and engine earth, etc and all is well but the cars appears completely dead. No courtesy light, not dashboard lights...
  6. Bluetooth setup caused audio shutdown

    Problems & Issues
    bought a 2012 cr-v a month ago,set up blue-tooth at dealership, worked great until I got a new phone tried setting it up and it paired just fine but would not connect to the cr-v so I started over and this time deleted the old devise first it wont pair or connect so I went into the...
  7. '03 cruise control periodic shut-down

    Problems & Issues
    Cruise control worked fine until about three months ago (145,000 miles) when it began disengaging - slight stutter then dies. Green "cruise control" on panel stays lit several seconds before going out. Green light on dash switch remains lit. Finally re-engages after turning off dash switch...
  8. 1997 CR-Vsudden shutdown, weak spark, no start.

    Performance Modifications
    Good evening. I have a 1997 CR-V AWD Automatic. She stalled at a traffic light the other day, and will not restart. The cams are spinning,there is fuel at the rail, the injectors are pulsing, and the engine spins over just fine. There is spark, but it is very weak, yellow. I get the same weak...
  9. 2000 CRV shutdown, 30 min restart

    Problems & Issues
    For the last 2 weeks my V has shutdown while driving 4 times and 6 times would not restart after parking for a short time. When she shuts down, she will not restart right away- 15- 20 min later she starts/runs. I can hear the fuel pump and the normal lights come on and off. The Check Eng light...