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  1. silent indicators

    Dear Honda:
    I can't hear the beeping of the indicators on my new CRV 1.6 iDTEC Auto - perhaps the frequency is too high or they are not loud enough. Can I (or a service engineer) alter them?
  2. 2004 CR-V - Silent no click, no crank w/new starter+new battery+ new crank sensor

    Problems & Issues
    2/02/107: 2004 CRV all wheel drive 138K is having 'intermittent' no click, no crank, symptoms. Silent when turning the ignition key. No clicking, no crank. I'll then turn on the radio to send some electricity thru the system, and attempt to start again and then it starts. Weird. Grounding...
  3. stereo goes silent....

    Mobile Electronics
    wife's '01 CRV ... original stereo... stays on for 2-15 seconds and then, no sound. All digital info (station,etc ) still showing but no sound. Turn it off and wait a bit...turn back on and same routine. Does this sound like a problem in the head unit, wiring...maybe a short? Don't want to...