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  1. New door sills

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    New Door Sills fo Front and Back
  2. 2018 CRV Door Sills

    After being not impressed with Honda’s accessory light up door sills I searched and found among others a set of stainless steel sills. My questions are such sills necessary and will these sills hold up to normal wear and tear? My doubts are based upon Honda’s failure to include sills with our...
  3. No non illumiinated OEM door sills for the '17?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Anybody buy any nice aftermarket door sills and from whom?
  4. Door kick panel and door sills... is it me or...

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Do they both seem easy to hit with your feet and more easily marked by shoes? Mine look like heck already. Hopefully there will be a sill accessory with lighting eventually.
  5. 2013 Honda CRV Aftermarket illuminated door sills wiring connection

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi everyone, I want to connect illuminated sills to map light. I can wire it directly to the lamp, but I'm wondering if it's possible to connect them to fuse box located in drivers footwell. Do you know which plug and wires are responsible for that?
  6. Removing Door Sills on Gen 1(1999)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey everybody! I just bought my first CR-V(and my first honda, for that matter), and I have to say, this place is a goldmine of information. I want to run some heavy gauge wire to the back of the crv, and normally I would do that underneath the door sills(the plastic piece that you normally...
  7. Inside Door Sills

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi Folks, My CRV has some heavily scratched inside door sills - how easy is it to obtain and fit brand new ones - either OEM or (hopefully) more robust 3rd Party ones. Im in the UK.
  8. Inside door sills very badly marked

    Our ES auto is just five months old and has many scratches on both front plastic door sills (passenger side is worse). Dealer is not interested (ïnherent problem with all cars...") but I don't buy that and cannot recall any of my previous cars ever having a problem like this after years of use -...
  9. Stainless door sills for 2007...???

    Are these available for the '07..??:confused: if so, from whom..:confused: