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  1. Jacking vehicle on slight slope (safety and fluid drain concerns)

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello all, (sorry total rookie and trust your opinions based on what I've read here) I live on main road which is like a highway and don't want to do work on flat ground there in case a car looses control and slams into me. I have a driveway down the side of my house which has slight slope...
  2. slight shimmy/shaking at low speed

    Problems & Issues
    My first gen crv has a slight front end vibration at 20mph which goes away as I increase speed. And when I hit something on the road (a bump, or speedbreaker) the car goes "thud" "thud". Before it use to go "tadak tadak" and the front wheels were shaking so I replace the upper control arms. Now...
  3. 2010 slight shimmy/vibration

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, I was wondering if this was normal, well, I just got my crv not too long ago, maybe about a week ago. My crv has a bit of a vibration/shimmy on the steering when I start to first drive it in the morning, then after driving it for a bit, the shimmy/vibration lessens but its still...
  4. slight misfire in cylinder 4

    Problems & Issues
    i have a problem, yesterday i drove my car to work, drove it back home and everything was fine. 3 hours later i go outside to start it up, and all of a sudden the cars idle is lower then normal and shaking a little bit, not much. so i let it run for a little bit and my check engine light comes...
  5. Slight changes made!

    DIY Center Discussion
    you should be able to post in the discussion center, and the original poster of the DIY should be able to edit their write ups.
  6. slight creaking in Honda CR-V

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Hi there, i live in the UK and ive just bought my first 4x4. Its a 7 year old Honda CR-V. Its great but ive just noticed a slight creaking sound when i pull away or drive slowly, only really in first and second gear and the sound comes from the rear of the car. Im sure its normal and is wear and...
  7. Slight surging when cold on '08

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, When its cold out (under 30 degrees F) I notice when leaving my driveway that the engine will slightly surge with the throttle slightly open. I drive it easy until warmed up which is why its only with slight throttle applied. It does not do it once warmed up. Anyone else see this in cold...
  8. Slight Pull to Right

    Problems & Issues
    I just bought my new 2008 Honda CR-V on Thursday only 94 miles. When driving it home, I did the old alignment test of letting your hands go off the wheel and see if it will go straight for a while. It wasn't a big pull to the right, but enough. I took it back into Honda the next day and they...
  9. 07 CRV jerks slight when changing gears

    Problems & Issues
    I though I would run this by you guys and see what you think. I noticed my CRV sometimes gives a slight jerk when the auto transmission is changing gears. My previous car was a Civic and it always changed gears smoothly. Is this pretty normal with a CRV? I am not hearing any clunking sounds and...