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  1. How do I put playlists and songs on USB for 2017 Honda crv touring?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I have mp3s in iTunes. I have a 32gb flash drive formatted as Fat32. Do I create separate folders for each playlist and put respective songs in each? Do I place m3u playlists in each individual folder or root directory? I used a third party program to "make" a USB for car music, and the songs...
  2. Troubles with selecting songs when using Bluetooth connection on CRV 2017

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I am a brand new owner of 2017 Honda CRV. I have my Iphone 6 all connected through Bluetooth. I see the list of music that is on my phone on the car's display screen but I don't seem to be able to select a song to play. I touch the song title, it does highlight but then it will not play, the...
  3. All Songs are not shown in Honda CRV display

    Problems & Issues
    I am trying to play music from my 8gb usb flash drive in Honda CRV 2015.My usb has more than 90 songs but the display screen in Honda shows only 33. Not able to understand the issue.Please help. Thanks in advance
  4. 2012 CR-V i-Mid/Bluetooth Issue

    Problems & Issues
    I bought 2012 CR-V a couple of months back. I have started noticing that sometimes (1 out of 5) the track displayed on the i-Mid display does not change even if the songs changes. The track name gets stuck to the 1st track when the car was started. Has anyone faced a similar issue of tracks...
  5. Double songs in playlist (PC-Card)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I have problem with music from the PC-Card. I have a SD adapter and I moved music from the folder structure in itunes to the SD-card. Everything works great except that every song displays twice in the display and one of the files is not able to play and one of them is. So the stereo tries...
  6. Organising songs on PC Card for CR-V EX 09

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi folks, I hope to pick up my 09 CR-V EX on Tuesday! I've been reading all the threads here about PC cards and compatibility, but one question I have, I haven't seen answered yet. What's the best way to organise the MP3s on the card? On my PC I have them sensibly organised into folders...
  7. Anybody ever get 999 songs on CF or SD card?

    Mobile Electronics
    '08 /w navi I can only get 960 songs tops. Anything after that stops the card from being read - no media error or anything. I can't even select "Card" in audio without it changing to whatever it was on previously (CD, Radio etc...). FYI: Kingston 2GB CF Card. All files are wmv. All files...