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  1. New spam and old spam

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    whats with all the spammers? You should do like the Hyundai forums and not allow new users to post for a week.
  2. Lack of spam postings

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    Anyone else notice that the spam postings have dropped off significantly lately? I think it's great.
  3. Spam Central

    Website & Platform Help
    It is nice the site Admin. can come here and introduce a new site sponsor but will do nothing to address the rampant spammers. :rolleyes:
  4. Spam on this site

    I wonder why the owner/administrator of this site doesn't stop the Spam threads.It's getting worse and worse.
  5. Why Is Spam Tolerated?

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    Why isn't there someone to purge all of the crap spam threads?
  6. Deleting annoying spam post

    Website & Platform Help
    Is it me or has anyone notice the increase amount of spam/ bot advertising post on the forum? Normally it is a good idea to ignore them, but as a person who visits various forums often it really makes the forum look bad because if you don't start cleaning up more will come and it will end up...