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  1. CRV top speed limit

    Dear Honda:
    I tow my 06 AWD behind a motorhome and want to know if the 65 mph limit listed in the owners manual is just a CYA on Hondas part or is it a mechanical damage limitation.
  2. Max Speed

    Performance Modifications
    I tested few time, anyhow it no able break through 160km/h gaps :confused: . Is that any speed limit set on ECU? Or anyone can provide hint what Max have reach.
  3. Honda Sales Speed Up in May to New Record; Civic Sets All-Time Record [6.1.7]

    Media News & Reviews
    06/01/2007 - TORRANCE, Calif. - Record May sales for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., increased to 145,367, up from 141,810 in 2006, breaking the previous May record set in 2004, the company announced today. The Honda Division posted record May sales of 129,447, up from May 2006 results of...
  4. 6 speed CRV and Elements

    Performance Modifications
    This is one for you guys complaining about your highway performance. I performed this modification on my Element. But as luck would have it, this works on CRV's as well. There is one guy that has done this to his CRV and a few of us have performed this on our Elements. The short of it is...