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  1. How much to spend on services and what can you skip

    Maintenance and Service
    I brought a certified used 2014 crv last summer and it is the nicest car I've ever owned. Before this, I had a used 2005 element for 8 years. I mostly just paid for oil changes, two sets of new tires, and two sets of brakes. My crv came with lifetime free oil changes and each time I go, I get a...
  2. Have $3000 to spend on an SUV type vehicle and had questions about the CRV

    Greetings & Introductions
    First off hello. My name's Hooks (kids like to call me Captain Hooks lol). I just sold my 01 Ford Ranger that was giving me problems and am looking for something else. A buddy of mine turned me on to the Honda Element. I need an SUV type vehicle where I can fold everything down for...
  3. I only have $7,500 to spend ...

    Greetings & Introductions
    My current car is about to die, and I am thinking about buying a used CR-V. Given my limited budget what are the minimums I should shop for? Do I really need to buy some thing after 2002, for example. Or maybe I need to try and get some thing with less than 100,000 miles? What items, ex...
  4. just spend mad money on my V

    got this from [email protected] -Silicone Rubber remote cover -Passenger Side Armrest(hoping install is easy) -Wheelskins brand Leather Steering Wheel Cover -Tailgate Net -Exhaust Trim from weathertech -bug deflector (the one on the car broke 2 days ago) hid extra - bi xinon hid kit ebay -red out tails...
  5. how much time do you spend on CRVOC?

    Website & Platform Help
    Im on here every day, on a busy day i check it two times, morning and night, on slow days im on all day. for the exception of a few hours.
  6. my horoscope said spend money!

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Honest.....Well that's what I told my wife anyway...So I immediately ordered up a 6 pack of oil filters, some wiper blades, some front fender flap doo dads and some sort of tube of shinzzdinglenuzu grease for the rubber door seals.....dang bernardi honda is on the East coast and I got my order...