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  1. The BEST mod for $15 I ever spent :)

    Welllllll, what do you think? $15 on ebay. Not bad at all. I'm sure happy with it. EASY install.
  2. How these all celebs spent Christmas?

    How these all celebs spent Christmas? The The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Download list Watch Norwich City vs Fulham Live Stream of The Wolf of Wall Street Download talent Watch Newcastle vs Stoke City Live Stream shows Justin Bieber's Believe Downloadwill Watch Everton vs Sunderland Live...
  3. 2012 spent 3 days in repair

    Maintenance and Service
    Took my 2012 EX AWD CRV in for first oil change at 5000 miles. Reported that the engine started making a weird humming noise- Here are the details- Never heard sound before 2500 miles- while on vacation noticed a faint humming sound about 3 min. in to driving. Once at 20 mph and then again at...