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  1. 05 CRV - VSA + P2647 - Replaced VTEC Spool Assembly - no luck HELP!

    Problems & Issues
    A few weeks ago we got a scheduled oil change for my girlfriends 2005 CRV (165,000 miles). The following day, her CEL and VSA light came on with the P2647. I did some research on this forum and determined it was likely the VTEC spool valve assembly or pressure switch as many others have found...
  2. Vtec solenoid spool valve 15810-raa-a03

    Maintenance and Service
    Can anyone tell me what parts are included in this one part? for example, I think I need a new Oil sensor switch which is about $50 or $60. I can but the Spool Valve and it already comes with the sensor switch. the Valve is about $85. wondering what other parts are included with the Sppol...
  3. I have an oil leak in the area of VTEC SOLENOID SPOOL VALVE

    Maintenance and Service
    Need some advice. I have a 2002 Honda CR-V with 246k miles and a mechanic diagnosed an pretty significant oil leak to be the Solenoid valve (he opened the hood and went right to the issue) and he immediately said $450 to replace it and stop the leak. After reading some posts it seems many are...
  4. CRV 2003 VTEC Spool Valve Leak

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello Team. I'll need your help in order to identify the reason why my 2003 CRV VTEC Spool valve leak eve after I change the mail seal. Let me be more specific, is the part number 15810-RAA-A03. In the image that’s the # 4th part. My problem is that I have already changed the Seal (Part #5)...