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  1. Sputters on "cold"

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Hi! Previously when cold it sometimes sputtered, but after I went 2 weeks out from the country it has been making it in every cold start, not on hot. (Since I had my V it has bad gas mileage, maybe this can be the root of the cause). Squeaky clean TB and IAC, new-ish Autolite platinum plugs...
  2. 2003 honda crv sputters and wont go past 3000 RPM

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2003 honda crv and i dont know what is going on with my car. my car jerks and engine sputters. The Malfunction light is on and its hard to drive. I went and had it fixed and the mechanic replace the vtec solenoid valve back in january but now it has gotten worse. I put oil in the car...
  3. engine sputters and dies

    Maintenance and Service
    I am having an issue with my 97 CRV..I can start it right up and then after driving for a few minutes..I may stop at a store or something and then get in to start the car and it is like there is no fuel getting through and then every once in a while when I am driving I will stop at a light and...
  4. 03 CRV sputters and stalls at idle

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all…. I’m new here and need a little help if possible I have 2003 CRV 150,000 miles a/t. The problem I’m having and has been going on nearly a year now. While car is at idle (idle rpm is set apox.1000) and car moving forward slowly, engine sputters and stalls. Must keep one foot on gas...
  5. 98 sputters momentarily after timing belt change

    Problems & Issues
    On startup the V sputters for just a moment on start up after a timing belt change. It is due for a valve adjustment anyway. Do you think that a valve adjustment plus a spark timing adjustment is in order? The way it started, Crank pulley came off going down the road. Thought it was just a...
  6. emission light on,engine sputters during acceleration

    Problems & Issues
    After this happened,I changed air filter,which was overdue.added injector cleaner to fuel.same prob. now im thinkin fuel filter and/or pcv valve?Anyone have idea as to what else could cause this condition? when trans. is in neutral,engine revs just fine and fuel cap is secure.thanks.