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  1. Rough idle/stalling

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 CRV, EX and it has some rough idling issues I would call them. it has died on me once on the road, when coming to a stop. If I have it in park and rev it up to and past 3k rpm then let it idle down, it will die and doesn’t want to start again without some help from the gas pedal. I...
  2. 2003 Honda CR-V Stall when full tank of gas

    Problems & Issues
    Hey all. Recently encountered an issue where my CR-V is stalling / won't start. It's early yet, meaning it's only happened a couple of times so I'm still trying to track down the possible issues. However, I did notice that after I filled the tank, only until the pump auto-stops, that when I...
  3. 2000 C-RV misfire, backfire, then stall

    Problems & Issues
    Sunday night, my girlfriend and I were driving home (her in the crv, me in the car behind her), and she had some problems with her car. All of a sudden, I see her car backfire 3 times and she pulls over to the side of the highway. At that point, the car would not start. She also mentioned that...
  4. 1998 CRV Rough Idle Stall Problem

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1998 Honda crv with 180000km. Its a manual 5spd. I have random stalling issues. The crv will run fine when its cold but will randomly loose power once i am taking a highway exit or at a red light. Sometimes it stalls. I have replaced the ignition switch, and put in new spark plugs. The...
  5. Stall while driving

    Problems & Issues
    05 CRV SE, AWD, Auto, 150k. My wife was on a trip and while driving the CRV just shut off. No stutter or stumble, just shut off. Gauges just went out and she had to muscle the steering wheel to coast to the side of the road. After about 2 min to calm down she started it and it had no...
  6. 2000 CRV, AWD, auto - idle repeatedly slows until near stall and then bounes back up

    Problems & Issues
    Over the weekend I hosed off the engine compartment of my daughter's 2000 CRV. It ran horrible afterward, so I pulled the distributor cap off and blew the water out and also blew the water out of the spark plug holes. Now it runs fine until the coolant temp comes up to about 160-165 at which...
  7. 99' CRV loud engine noise, hesitating and wanting to stall.

    Problems & Issues
    I have had my CRV for 8 years, 212,000 miles. Its been so good for me. I have recently started having problems with it wanting to stall and it hesitates to go. I have replaced the fuel filter and it still does it every now and then. Still worried and wpuld like to figure put the issue. The...
  8. Intermittent Stall '99 with 71K miles

    Maintenance and Service
    The car runs flawless.. But in the last week the car would just stall. Turn the key to Off and then restart it, Starts right up.. runs great.. I'm thinking Maybe Fuel Pump Relay getting tired.. any thoughts?
  9. 1998 crv stall when hot upon restart

    Greetings & Introductions
    My 98 honda cr-v starts fine when cold and runs well. Then when you stop after the car is warmed up and restart the car it dies when you put it into gear. If you let the car idle for 30 seconds or so, with the A/C off, then put it in gear it doesn't die or if you keep your foot on the gas it...