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  1. watch Star Trek Into Darkness online | watch Iron Man 3 online

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
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  2. 2010 CRV,CEL and grinding noise on engine star

    Problems & Issues
    Hi,guys I bought my 2010 CR-V EXL in Sep last year. Early this October, i found when i put my key to pre-star position for a few seconds, the check engine light will stay on even after the other lights go off but disappear after the engine stars. I also notice the engine makes grinding noise...
  3. Honda Locals Star in Television Spot

    this was brought to my attention by member Tkcr- Honda Locals Star in Television Spot More than 75 Honda of America Manufacturing Inc. associates are getting television exposure this weekend as a commercial touting the East Liberty Auto Plant’s quality award began a three-week broadcast...