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  1. Need to be jump started randomly

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, I have a 2016 CRV EX with push button start. Over the past week or so the car won't start and has to be jump started - just at random times. I've had the battery, alternator and starter checked at auto zone and they say it's good. I really don't think it's the battery. Anyone else...
  2. 2018 crv ex was - needs to be jump started! Battery issues?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! I just got my 2018 crv yesterday, and this morning, i could not start my engine. The headlights, interior lights and dash was on. I had to jump start it. I drove it around afterwards for about 30 minutes and parked it. Came back 3-4 hours later to find that it again needed to be jump...
  3. CD player makes clicking sound for 1 minute whenever car is started - Help! 2005 CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, my stock head unit with the CD player with a 6 disk changer makes a really annoying and loud clicking sound whenever you start the car that lasts for probably a minute or two. There is a cd stuck in there but this has not been a problem previously. Does anyone have any ideas how to...
  4. 2017 CR-V : USB flash drive does not remember last song played when car started

    Mobile Electronics
    I've seen variants on this problem posted for older cars, but I have a new 2017 CR-V that is manifesting the same behavior: I insert a (4Gb, FAT32 formatted) flash drive into the 2nd USB slot in the middle console (i.e. the USB slot that is not used for Android Auto, which I am using with my...
  5. Started 2014 CR-V with no oil

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hi, So I made a horrible rookie mistake. I was changing the oil on a 2014 CR-V with 40K, and got distracted during the process. Long story short, I drained the oil and put in a new oil filter but forgot to put the new oil in. I started the car and it idled for about 40-50 seconds, before i...
  6. 2013 CRV a/c started blowing warm 120,000 miles

    Problems & Issues
    Oct 2013 CRV a/c has started blowing warm air.120,000 miles. Thoughts on problem and is it safe to drive to repairman? thanks for advice, no alarm lights on
  7. 2006 Crv AC issues just started

    Problems & Issues
    So my wife's crv has been running great except just this week it started doing something funny. When driving the ac works fine but when at a light or stopped the compressor will constantly engage and disengage in about 3 second intervals. Upon inspection I found that the ac condenser fan wasn't...
  8. CRV 2007 - All power shutdown a few seconds after ignition turned on, not started

    Problems & Issues
    Dear Forum, I have a puzzling issue which I'd like your help with. The battery is quite new and fully charged, I have checked all cables, earthing and voltages across all fuses and engine earth, etc and all is well but the cars appears completely dead. No courtesy light, not dashboard lights...
  9. Which year started coming out with Cruise Control?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi guys, Went and inspected a 2004 manual CRV Sport today, and noticed it didn't come with Cruise Control... could have sworn 04's and newer did... which years intruduced Cruise control into their CR-V ? With my price range, I'd be mostly coming across 2002 - 2004 CR-Vs Note: Im from...
  10. CRV Started On Its Own

    Problems & Issues
    I ran an errand this morning (2003 CR-V EX automatic), parked the car, turned it off, locked the doors, and walked away. Forty-five minutes later, as I walked past the car, I noticed that IT WAS RUNNING. I unlocked the door and put the key in the ignition (the ignition was in the "off"...
  11. 2006 - Replaced tail lights and brake lights and problems started happening

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone. New member here with a few problems. I have a 2wd 2006 CR-V. Last night, I replaced both tail lights and brake lights in my car and now several issues have popped up. The may not be related, but I find it weird that the morning after I replaced my lights all of these are...
  12. VSA and ! light on when vehicle started from cold (after 3/4 hours of last stop).

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My CRV gets this VSA light and ! light on when i cold start my vehicle. After driving for 10 seconds and restarting my vehicle it goes away (upon restarting). I just got my batteries changed today. and the issue still persists. What should i assume. When lights not on, the vehicle runs and...
  13. 2001 CRV started leaking oil at valve cover

    Problems & Issues
    About two or three weeks ago I started smelling a burning smell coming from the front of my CRV and when I popped the hood I saw oil on the manifold below the left side of the valve cover but wasn't sure where it was coming from. Upon further investigation it now looks like oil may be coming...
  14. Clicking noise has started when reversing, possible CV joint? What to check?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello folks, some advice is being sought please. I have a 2006 year Gen 2 2.2 diesel CRV which we've owned from new, its done just under 60k miles. Over the last couple of weeks or so I have noticed that when reversing with some steering lock on I can hear a faint clicking noise. It sounds like...
  15. Car Alarm suddenly Started to work. How to turn it off

    Problems & Issues
    I honestly did not even know that my 2010 CR-V had a car alarm. Today I parked it and locked it and noticed that there was a flashing red light on the lower part of the dashboard. I unlocked the car and it stopped but when I got in the car, locked the doors using the fob, unlocked it manually...
  16. Transmission started shifting smooth with no drain/refill

    Problems & Issues
    I've got my 08 CRV for about two months now with 37K, the shifting from 1 to 2 was very firm to the point that it felt like a manual transmission shifting. Today I drove about 150 miles and at about 140 miles the transmission started shifting, up shifting/down shifting as smooth as it has never...
  17. 2010 crv sometimes makes a "clank" sound when started

    Problems & Issues
    My 2010 CRV has made a sound like you hit a piece of metal with a hammer immediately after releasing the ignition key after starting. The car has 15000 miles on it and it has only happened on a cold start. Has anyone else ever seen this problem?
  18. 07 CRV died then started??

    Problems & Issues
    Just put my key in the ignition, and the car went dead. A few seconds later everything came back on and started right up. Had to enter code in radio. Did so with no problem. Drove the car, did a stop, started up no problem. Any idea why the car would just die like that? Battery was...
  19. 99 CRV, Died on freeway and hasn't started since

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I scoured these forums for hours and couldn't find anything exactly like my problem, so here goes. The CRV died on the freeway 3 nights ago while doing about 70mph. No symptoms whatsoever leading up to this. The car has roughly 80k miles on it. The engine simply died, went off like a light...
  20. 2010 CRV LX started honking!

    Problems & Issues
    I got an oil change this morning. I picked it up and drove to work no problem. After work I go to my car. Unlock the car door twice (to access rear door). I open the door and then HONK HONK HONK, the car starts honking over and over like an Alarm. I click the lock/unlock button (forget which)...