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  1. TSB 14-029 - Buzz of Static Heard at Other End During HFL Call

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    Hello everyone, I am looking for TSB 14-029. I am having this exact issue, but my extended warranty service is giving me coverage issues. If I can provide the TSB they state that they should be able to cover the repair. 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L 93k miles
  2. Sirius Portable Static

    Mobile Electronics
    2013 CRV EX looking to keep stock radio, but the static is excessive. I travel up and down the state and changing stations is annoying. 1. What is required to directly connect my portable Sirius to CRV? 2. How do you disassemble the dash to get to the back of the radio? 3. How much would it...
  3. 2012 CR-V Dashboard Static

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I noticed that the dash on my 2012 CR-V has a lot of static. What can I do to eliminate or decrease the static because the amount of dust that gets attracted is crazy. Thanks!!
  4. 2012 static issues!

    Problems & Issues
    I love my everything about my car except this. I have had no issues with this prior to owning my car. I have had static REALLY bad. So bad, I get shocked two or three times when I get out, so bad that even after getting shocked from my car then when I put my key in the door to go into my...
  5. Static on cell calls

    Mobile Electronics
    Picked up my 2012 CRV EXL last week and love it. So far my only complaint is the cell connection. I can hear others perfectly clear, but I am told by a couple different people on the other end that there are periods of static that they never had from before when I used my Jabra headset in my...
  6. static noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi i just bought a 2008 Honda CRV EX-L from a honda dealership and i noticed a static sound just under the dash before starting the engine, went back to the dealership for it and the guys there told me that its actually the relay, and its normal.. but im not really convinced since its really...
  7. Static Electricity When Exiting.

    Problems & Issues
    I've been getting zapped big time when exiting my 2008 CR-V Honda. I recently ordered a grounding chain from China that hanged down from my muffler to the ground. Well it came off as soon as I hit the R.I. roads so when I arrived at my destination, I realized it was no longer attached to my car...
  8. 2010 CR-V EX-L iPod static

    Mobile Electronics
    2010 Honda CR-V EX-L 2WD no navigation. I am getting some occasional static when using an iPod Touch connected to the USB connector. I don't get the static when using a 4 gig Sansa Clip MP3 player connected to the USB player. As a matter of fact, this smaller cheaper player sounds much better...
  9. Static problems with radio

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My wife and I just leased a 2010 LX 2WD model and we are having problems with the radio reception. It tunes in all the local stations, but there is a lot of static intereference. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  10. Static in navigation voice?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I just received a new CR-V and noticed that there is a little bit of static when the navigation voice is providing guidance. This static does not exist when the radio is on. I have a 2004 Acura TSX with a similar nav system and have not observed this static on it. Is this common? Should I...
  11. 08 crv speaker static noise

    Problems & Issues
    once a while there are some static noise from the speaker on the passenger side door. The noise doesn't turn down, even if I turn down the volume.
  12. Static

    Mobile Electronics
    Anybody here who has experiencing static on FM radio. I'm thinking of buying those shark fin antenna. anyone here tried that before? thanks!
  13. Static Electricity

    Problems & Issues
    I have an 06 CRV with Bridgestone tires and when getting out of the car I get the worst static shock of any car I have ever owned. Does anyone know of a solution. I've read that some tires produce more static charge than others.