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  1. Rear window will not stay cleen! Any solutions?

    Problems & Issues
    without going thru a bunch of washer fluid
  2. TPMS light won't stay off

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    The TPMS light lit up out of the blue on my 2015 EX. I have not touched the tires in a while and it has never come on before. I checked the tire pressure and all tires were low so I inflated them to 34 PSI and re-calibrated the system. The next day after about 30 mins of driving, the light...
  3. Sun visor light won't stay on

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    If I flip the sun visor cover up, the light turns on..but it seems like the cover almost goes too high and the light shuts off. If I grab the visor cover and pull it down slightly the light will stay on. Any ideas on to fix this? thanks
  4. Can't stay away from Hondas

    Greetings & Introductions
    I'm from Missouri and this is my 10th Honda 1st CR-V. I've had 2 EF hatches (I loved my Laguna Gold Metallic B16a swap 1990 the other was a piss yellow color 4 speed :throwup: ) 1 RSX base desert silver metallic manual 5 EG (1 coupe, 4 hatches) 1 EM coupe About the V: 169k miles, auto, AWD...
  5. Drivers door and rear passenger door never stay open - no resistance

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, Is there any way to adjust the resistance that would allow a door to stay open when the car is parked at an angle or with a breeze? Two of my doors (the most used ones) will annoyingly close by themselves when I'm loading/unloading the car. It sounds like a trivial problem but try car...
  6. 2008 RR passengar door lock problem - Won't stay locked!!

    Problems & Issues
    Weird problem started a few days a go, my RR door lock doesn't always stay locked. Definitely mechanical issue, not electrical. Intermittently, the door locks would click; over several days I pinpointed it to the RR door; I could lock the doors with the fob, or while driving they doors lock...
  7. Stay Away from the CRV

    Dear Honda:
    VERY disappointed with my CRV-EX. In cold Wisconsin winters, you shouldn't have to worry about heat issues. There is a very definite lack of heat in the CRV and after numerous trips to the dealer, I was simply told, too bad, so sad, that is the way they are. I had not seen this flaw in any of...
  8. 98 CRV Heater is warm and temp gauge stay on cold

    Problems & Issues
    So my temp gauge stays all the way on cold and my heater only gets warm. If it is running long enough the temp gauge will go up a bit and the heater will blow nice and hot, but it only lasts a few minutes before it goes back to cold. I know it’s proabably the thermostat or temperature sensor...
  9. CRV 2017 EX-L problem with ACC only (does not stay on)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, A few days ago it was raining in Chicago and the ACC was not showing the little car icon that it usually does when it detects a car in front of it. In fact it was not even showing the empty dotted line car icon that it usually does. I assumed it was not working due to the rain...
  10. High Beams won't stay on? First gen Crv (2000)

    Problems & Issues
    I tried setting up a Blackvue Power Magic Pro (PMP) to support my dashcam while parked. It required that I hook up to a GND, ACC & BATT. I bolted the GND to the chassis and the wired the ACC to the Rear Power Socket fuse. I had a hard time deciding what was constant 12V without a multimeter so I...
  11. New wheels: How close do you need to stay to original offset?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Does the offset on new wheels need to be the same or very close to the original wheel offset? I don't want to mess up my suspension or wheel bearings. I have 16" wheels on 2014 LX which I think have a 50mm offset. I'm upsizing to 17". Do I need to be looking at 50mm offset for my new...
  12. Fog lights to stay on with high beams?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I just picked up my Touring Friday night. The fog lights would fill in nicely if I could turn them on. I live in Texas is there any way to turn on both high beams and fog lights? I plan to replace fog lights with the LED's suggested on here. thanks, Bill in Texas :)
  13. Driver Seat will not stay in place--2016 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I've had my 2016 CRV for less than a month--just hit 600 miles. I have noticed that my power seat (drivers seat) does not stay in place. I will set it, and within a day or so it creeps forward--a little bit at a time. This is a problem with the BACK not the actual seat. Here are my...
  14. Gen 1 Coin tray/Fuse cover won't stay closed

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    When I got my car, (1998 RHD) the coin tray/fuse cover was missing so when I was at my local U-Pull-It the other day I picked one up as I really hated that open fuse box. It fits fine and as a bonus has the fuse diagram on the back but the damn thing won't stay shut! Not only that but I can't...
  15. 06 Sunglass holder door will not stay closed

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I am about to take possession of an 06 after totaling my 03 the other night here in RI. The 06's sunglass holder(Door) will not click closed and stay closed, is there a Clip or mechanism that can be replaced without having to buy the entire map light assembly housing?......I did find one on...
  16. 2003 CRV Cold start: Engine struggling to stay going

    Problems & Issues
    Hi! I have a 2003 EX Crv that I bought last winter. So far I have not had much of a problem with it other than basic maintenance. However, with the cold setting in, I have noticed a very weird problem with the car. When it is really cold outside (generally under 20 degrees), the car is able to...
  17. 2015-LX - iPod will not stay in Shuffle Mode

    Mobile Electronics
    Just purchased a 2015 LX. I have an iPod 5 with 4000 songs loaded. I would like to play ALL of the songs in a random order. I connect, it begins playing, I change the settings to "Shuffle" mode, and enjoy. Problem comes when I leave, come back and restart the car, iPod will connect and begin...
  18. Will CRV door stay closed w/ door lock removed?

    Problems & Issues
    I need to remove the driver side door lock tumbler mechanism from my 04 CRV, so that I can take it to a locksmith for rebuilding. Once the lock is out, I need drive it to the locksmith, and I'm wondering if the door on my CR-V will still stay closed w/ the lock removed. Any feedback is...
  19. 2001 CRV Cruise Control & Dash Light Won't Stay On

    Problems & Issues
    When I activate the master cruise control switch it stays lit, but when I press the "set" button on the steering wheel, the dash indicator lights up for about one second then goes away. The dash indicator won't light again until the car is turned off & back on. The cruise control doesn't appear...
  20. Parking lights stay on

    Maintenance and Service
    I've searched for this issue but haven't found anything similar. 2006 CRV, 103k miles, no other electrical issues. On occasion and now becoming more frequent, the parking lights will stay on when switched off (and engine shut off). It takes several attempts to turn the light switch on/off...