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  1. 2005 CRV, AWD, crooked steering wheel

    Problems & Issues
    My daughter recently had some control arm bushings and front struts replaced. Now the steering wheel is crooked. It seems to have a little bit of play in it. Could anything he did have caused this, and what is the fix?
  2. Factory leather steering wheel for 2017-2019 CRV

    Trading Post
    Do you want a leather wrapped factory Honda steering wheel to replace your plastic one? I replaced the steering wheel on my 2018 CRV Touring and have no use for the OEM steering wheel. Pay for shipping and it is yours.
  3. Repair/Replace Black Glossy Trim Under AirBag - 2018 CRV EX

    Hi all, The black glossy piece of trim on my stearing wheel under the airbag got scratched up somehow. Any ideas on how to repair or replace it? Can’t find the piece of trim online anywhere... also wondering if it may be able to be buffed out, but not sure that I trust myself enough to try.
  4. Loose steering wheel. 2017 Touring

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi all, I've just got my new CRV. One of the first things that caught my attention was loose feeling in the steering wheel. Steering itself is find. However, it feels almost like the the steering wheel isn't properly secured. The movement isn't that big, may be a few millimeters, but enough to...
  5. 2007 CRV EX-L awd. vibration in steering on decelerating

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    As topic says. Got a new vibration on the crv. Steering vibrates on deceleration between 100-120km/h. I had the tires balanced twice just to make sure. I searched many posts and it seems like it's drive train related. My question is what seems to be the most common cause. CV joints in and out...
  6. Steering wheel cover, where to buy?

    I have been looking for a 2014 CRV steering wheel cover (leather) but all I find is the 2013 and it says on the websites I found that it does not fit the 2014 CRV. Can anybody please direct me to a website where I can buy a 2014 Honda CRV leather steering wheel cover? Thanks a lot for the help.
  7. Replace CRV 2003 Steering Wheel with CRV 2006

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All, Can I replace CRV 2003 Steering wheel with CRV 2006. I am actually behind extra (mode )Steering controls given in CRV 2006. If I can get these controls without changing steering wheel that would be great? Any thoughts, please? Thanks
  8. 1997 Steering column off-center

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I've just bought a used 1997 Honda CRV and after driving it for a couple hours, I've noticed that the steering wheel is not quite lined up with the center line of the driver's seat. In fact, the right side of the wheel seems about a half-inch further away than the left. Even when I turn...
  9. Steering wheel issue

    Problems & Issues
    I bought a 2007 4wd crv ex two weeks ago. Everything is good except a bad feeling of the steering wheel. When I was making a big turn, usually up to a freeway, the force I need to put on the wheel is not consistently, in the same turn, the force is like easy->heavy->more heavy->easy. The speed...
  10. Steering Wheel vibration

    Problems & Issues
    It usually happens when I reach the speed of 80 km/h and it settles for a bit at 120 km/h. It's not like a wiggle from a loose tie rod end, but a slight, consistent shaking/vibration of the steering wheel (going left and right really fast is the way to describe it). At first, I thought it was...
  11. 09 CRV EXL Steering Creak and Window Auto Up - Minor Problems

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All- I'm about 6k miles in and loving my V. =) Just got back from a weekend away, averaged 27.3mpg including in-town putt-putting. Can't beat it! I have noticed two minor issues that I'd appreciate thoughts on whether or not the dealer can fix: 1) Steering Wheel: Makes a pretty annoying...