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  1. Side steps holes ?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi all. Ireland here on second crv. First was a 2000 and was recently forced to change to a 2006 as insurance companies here seem to be allowed to write laws and refuse to insure cars over 15 :) I got some OEM side steps (shop sent four brackets and 2 bolts! ) Was wondering if anyone had...
  2. Help: CRV Sport 2000 model - fitting side steps

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Honda, just purchased a silver 2000 CRV Sport. I just received some side steps I purchased off a wrecked Honda, but I'm not sure how to mount these side steps. They came with 3 brackets on each side, just not sure if they are to go into factor holes under the body, or...
  3. 2010 EX...Front and rear brake pads replacement..can I skip these steps?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2010 EX. I extracted the necessary pages from a 2007 service manual. For the front brake replacement, can I skip steps 6-13??? As for the rear, can I skip steps 8-15?
  4. What do you think about these side steps and running boards?
    Guys! We've got stylish running boards and side bars for a Honda CR-V. The best designers of ATS, Go Rhino, Steelcraft and Aries work their styling magic and custom designed reliable side steps, which are good to fit 2012 - 2014 models. - give the aggressive look to your vehicle; - allows the...
  5. 2009 CRV EX-L White - Which OEM side steps should I get (Black or Chrome)

    Just picked up a 09 ex-l and trying to figure out what would look better. Chrome OEM side steps or the all black OEM side steps. Does anybody have pictures of the two sets mounted on a White 2009?
  6. Where can I get these side steps???

    In north america.... I can't seem to find them. 2002 - 2006 crv.
  7. Fitting original side steps 2006

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi all im looking to fit some used but good original side steps , think ive got most of the fittings but could do with the instructions or some help diagram or similar if poss please
  8. steps to finding a honest mechanic

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I have deleted this post.
  9. Side steps: do they make it easier to get in the V?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of putting chrome side steps on my 2007 silver CRV... this is what I had in mind: I found posts asking about side steps, but my question is: are these types of side steps just for...
  10. 2010 CRV Chrome Side Steps Panel Removal

    Has anyone installed the chrome side steps themselves? I'm wondering if the 2 big plastic panels under the car can be removed and slid out from under the car without the use of a lift. Is the CRV high enough off the ground to slide out the panels? I want to do it myself in my garage without a...
  11. 2011 Urban Titanium with chrome side steps?

    Dear all: We just purchased a 2011 CRV SE (Urban Titanium), and we are thinking of installing a chrome (or black) "side steps" so that it would be easier to get on/off for my 5-years-old kid. Does anyone here has a 2010/201 Urban Titanium CRV that has either a black or chrome "side steps"...
  12. Westin "running boards" (or chrome side steps), any experience?

    Dear all, I'm in the market to look for a chrome side steps (aka running boards?) for my 2011 CRV SE. I found one on eBay which seems to be cheaper but NOT made by Honda...
  13. Side Steps, Running Boards and Roof Racks on sale

    H-and-A Accessories
    for a limited time: -Trevor
  14. Steps to keep a car shiny

    Hi, I was wondering if you all could give me steps in keeping the car shiny. Normally I just wash and wax with regular items. I noticed that some of you use a clay bar. So what is the proper procedure in cleaing a car and make it shine? Please list your steps.
  15. 2007 - 2010 steps and running boards on sale

    H-and-A Accessories
    07 -2010 Steps and boards marked down at: for a limited time. -Trevor
  16. Running board Vs Side steps

    well...this is kinda stupid question I think lol. what's the difference between running board and side steps? guess both help little kids to climb up!? is it a..... just look?:eek:
  17. '03 Misfire problem- Next steps?

    Maintenance and Service
    So, I have an 03 with just about 160k miles. It's been having some idle quality problems, mostly when the engine is cold, as well as stalling frequently when cold. CEL is on. Recently the IAC valve was replaced, along with the MAP Sensor. The idle got better after replacing those. I have a...
  18. Bull bar, side steps, and rimz...

    Image & Video Gallery
  19. (uk) 1997-2001 crv side steps £75 like new stainless steel/checkewr plate

    Trading Post
    approximately 3 months old, costing me £195, currently on ebay, but i'll remove for £75.00 an absolute bargain (copy and paste link to ebay auction 50mm diameter polished stainless steel...
  20. 2005 - 2006 Chrome Side Steps

    H-and-A Accessories
    We have a few too many of these in stock, so we are blowing them out. They list for $648.00 and we have them for $389.00 and Free ground shipping. this is a limited time special, once we sell down enough on them the price goes back to $466.80...