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  1. Appearance
    Hi, We're new to the forum after buying our first CRV, it's a 2015 SE 1.6 auto in Twilight Blue. The first of I'm sure will be many question is, what's the best method of touching in any stone chips as this is the first metallic car we've owned. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
  2. Accessories
    It was on my car when I bought it used and now I want to replace it, but I want the same exact one so I can use the existing installation hardware that's already on my car. It doesn't look like Auto Vent Shade or Weathertech. Mine goes all the way up to the top of the headlights and neither...
  3. Accessories
    Anyone found/fabricated an expensive "stone protector" for the front lower opening of 2007 CR-V...??? Read where there is potential for road/ stone damage to AC equipment thru this opening...
1-3 of 4 Results