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  1. Dear Honda:
    Well, now that just about every, except those on the most western and southern most regions, have expereince a good solid 12-20"+ snow storm, let us know you experiences, what model CR-V and what tires you have. 2009 EX 4WD, 14k miles, original OEM Continentals. We recieved a record 18"...
  2. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    In London Ontario we have just been hit with about a Metre of snow in 48 Hours, Its been awesome to have the AWD!! I trded up from an 08 civiv and would have been stranded!! take alook at the pictures
  3. Mid-Atlantic Owners
    To all my local V owners in the area - stay warm! This storm is nice and the snow doesn't stop! I just read that thousands are out of power and even the National Guard has taken hundreds of stuck motorists off the road. Best to stay indoors with some hot food and the internet! Be safe if you...
  4. Off The Beaten Path
    Hello buyers,we will like to let you know that we are the one of the lager electronics with 24 workers and staff we sell both home and offices distributor such as TV, video, plasma tv,camcorder, mobile phones,laptops and audio trade in United State as well as in United Kingdom, we currently...
  5. Problems & Issues
    Caught In Storm Ruined 08 CRV Wheel. Any idea where I can get one online? What should I expect to pay? I was thinking of checking salvage yards in the area as long as they aren't bent. Thanks Dorothy