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  1. How to repair pasted strips?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi, everyone! Does anybody knows how to restore two thin pasted strips on the sides? In my case it was removed during painting. I can't find part-no to purchase it. Has anybody found such stripes on the Internet? :Hmmmmm:
  2. Roof Protection Strips?

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    Self installed the cross bars on my new 2014, and I'm wondering how to protect the roof paint from the the loads of camping stuff I might put up there. Has anyone tried stick-on protective strips like these: proline-roof-center-slats There's...
  3. Chrome grill strips

    2012+ CRV -- does anyone know how the chrome strips on the front grill are attached? I intend to plasti-dip them, would prefer to take them off the car to do the job.
  4. Lightning Eyes LED Headlight STRIPS

    Recently looking at Plasma Glow LED Headlight Strips to add to our CRV. Similar to the new Audi headlight strips. Has anyone added these to your CRV? Was the wiring easy? Was removing the headlight assembly necessary? I would add these if it is easy to do. Photos would be appreciated.
  5. 2005 CR-V rumble strips at different speeds

    Problems & Issues
    Hello new to this forum, I have a 2005 Cr-v automatic trans, AWD, and it feels like your going over rumble strips at certain speeds, but if you shut drive 3 off it does not do it! Could this be tork converter lockup, I think it is a transmission issue,so disappointed:( Have owned honda all my life!
  6. LED strips for a 08 CRV

    Hey guys, Im new to the forums and new to the CRV. Just got it 2 days ago, beautiful crystal black pearl color,15k miles on it and as of now, its the lowest model, but Im planning on tinting the windows, add some foglights, change the rims and so on, basically make it more beautiful. About...
  7. Weather strips

    I was wondering how to take the weather strips off my 98 Honda CRV