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  1. Sub woofer installation for 2015 Cr v

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Does anyone know how to install the wiring for an amp and subwoofer in a 2015 Cr v, i just bought mine and took the subs out of my jeep.
  2. Adding Amp & Subs to 2007 (gen 3)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi - I'm looking for help on installing an amp and subs to my EX-L. Can I use the signal line feeding the factory amp/sub to send signal to the aftermarket amp? Is it low level or high? Also does the factory amp/sub have a remote turn on wire that can be used with the aftermarket amp...
  3. 6,5" Subs in Rear Door??? Mounting deph is 4,4 inches!!!!???

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi People, I have a 2014 Crv. I added to the sound system an audio control Lc6, jbl 4ch amp and replaced the original speakers for 4 jbl coaxial speakers. The rear speakers are regular coaxial speakers, but I use for sub only. My amp has low pass option , and i put a 120hz low pass for the rear...
  4. 2003 LX Subs in trunk floor

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey Everyone, I know this is not a new topic here, I've read the other posts about subs in the empty spare tire well. I've done this in the trunk of my '93 mustang convertible trunk with a fully sealed fiberglass box. What i want to do with the CRV is to seal/dynamat the well itself, and let...
  5. Sub sound, without the subwoofer?

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently upgraded my head unit to aPioneer MVH-8200BT and love it. Realized the stock speakers couldn't handle the 22watt RMS output, so figured I would upgrade them as well. The HU also has a setting where it can set the rear speakers as subwoofers. This was great news! I figured I could just...
  6. installing subs and amps on gen1

    Mobile Electronics
    First, run a wire directly from the battery´s possitive terminal all the way back to the amp. I ran it though a rubber cap on the dirver´s side so that it came out under the dash. Then, remove the radio unit, to run two set of wires. The RCA for the amp signal and one from the blue wire to...
  7. 1st gen. false floor 2x 12" install

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    im hoping to install 2 12" jl's in the spare tire compartment of a 97 crv. just checking if anyone has any tips, if it can even be done. im planning on using mdf and maybe dynamat for acoustics, but i really have no idea what i should use for best sound. any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Subwoofer Ground Wire Help

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Okay, I haven't got the amp or subwoofers yet, but I spent yesterday trying to set up my wires in my 2002 Honda CRV. I finished doing all three of them, but now I'm having a hard time trying to find a good place to ground the ground wire. I've found other forums with this same problem, but it...
  9. Help pick an amp for my subs!! Urgant!

    Mobile Electronics
    Here is a link to my subs im gonna run two of them. So im new to this whole thing first car ;) So since im running dual sub woofers im gonna need a 2 channel amp? right? If some body could link me to a couple of amps on...
  10. Cheap Kicker subs

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys. So with all the commotion of Circuit City closing down, I thought of just browsing around the store yesterday. I found this. They're selling a 10" Kicker (round) with a small box already, all for $104. Just curious if this is a good buy or just a typical price. They claim it was...