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  1. New members direct messages - suggestion

    Website & Platform Help
    As I've discovered, new members are limited to a single DM until they've posted a few times to prevent spam. My I suggest that new members get 0 (zero) DMs until they're established? Reason - another new member Died me about an issue he has with the same model I have. I can't reply, because...
  2. Suggestion to move two threads

    Website & Platform Help
    To the moderators: I am suggesting these two threads belong in the " Shoppin' and Test Drivin' " sub-forum.
  3. Suggestion For Honda CRV Maintenance

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    I own a 2016 Honda CRV EXL. I bought it from Honda dealership, currently around 3 years old and around 33K miles on it. So far all the services are done in Honda service center. Is there any reason I should stick to Honda service center or I can find a cost effective but renowned one. I plan to...
  4. Some suggestion for the next Gen CRV

    Dear Honda:
    I really love my 2011 CRV SE. It's really reliable, low maintenance, great MPG, and high price-performance ratio. After I changed all four tires to Michelin - X Tour A/S T + H at Costco, the whole car seems to have been changed completely and the ride quality is awesome!!! I'm planning to keep...
  5. Seat cover suggestion

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Could you please suggest me a good seat cover for honda crv 2017 for both front and back. It should cover full seat, not just top part. I prefer leather ones.
  6. accident suggestion

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    My Wife was setting in the left lane waiting to make a left turn when see got rear ended by a car doing about 45mph+. It was SWEET 16 old girl who was goofing off with her friends driving her Grand Mothers car. First off thank God no one was hurt! And she wasn't on her phone, she was goofing off...
  7. Fuses and Fuse Box Suggestion

    Dear Honda:
    I have a 2010 CR-V. The inside fuse box is very difficult to access for fuse checking. Also, it would be a great help if the manual used designations for individual fuses which are better defined. For example I could not determine what the HAC fuse protects. Thanks!
  8. suggestion

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    hello people; I'm new here and just got my used 2013 CRV yesterday and it's not on the road yet but how about a section just to show what wheel and tire combo you have besides stock. I go to another site that they have done it and it's kinda cool. It's not for CRV's but it does gives you ideas...
  9. Suggestion for Maintenance

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2003 CRV, it has 130k miles on it. I have never gotten the suggested maintenance from Honda. I was going to get it done recently, and Honda wanted around $500 to do it so I didn't get it done. I recently got an oil change at a meineke and they mentioned getting a tune-up, said it...
  10. Intake Manifold suggestion

    Performance Modifications
    Im looking to upgrade my Intake, I just want a couple suggestions or tips on doing this. Really I just want to teach myself how to work on my car(s). If I gain some HP and MPG on the way that would be good to. I have the space and tools, now I just need a bit of know how. So far other than the...
  11. I've Got One Too! And I need a suggestion for a BICYCLE RACK.

    Greetings & Introductions
    Yep, surprisingly, I, too, own a CR-V. I thought to try the site when a question came up and my wife and I didn't know who to ask. There's a lot of knowledge on these forums--I've been active in others regarding my motorcycle habit--so it struck me one of you will have a good answer about a...
  12. any idea/ suggestion to increase gas milage ??

    Maintenance and Service
    hi, i have HONDA crv-2005 EX ,AWD, automatic, canada, i have to drive almost 80 KM every day is there any suggestion than i can increase gas mileage ?? one noticeable change i feel , when i change my engine Air filter , after i see this forum how to change i did and it increase mileage...
  13. any suggestion for DIY cold air intake ???

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    hello experts, i am planning to set cold air intake by DIY to my Honda CRV -2005 AWD - AUTO ( north america/toronto) just couple of question in mind so try to find out with your help !!!! - is it adviceable for CRV to do cold air intake or company has already did enough as it required ?? -...
  14. Tires chopped - need your suggestion

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hi I have a 07 CRV EXL AWD with 30K miles ( original stock tires - Bridgestone). I recently relocated from LA to Hartford/CT. After moving here, I started noticing a noise from outside the vehicle while on highway speeds, especially while exiting the highway and reaching around 30-40 mph on the...
  15. Looking for bike rack suggestion and help with accessories

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and have been reading through some of the other threads. I have never purchased a bike rack before and am unfamiliar with all the accessories. I have a 2006 CRV and would like to get a roof rack to hold 2 mountain bikes. I have a few questions... 1. I saw a...