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  1. Mobil 1 summer rebate

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    For those DIY types. Walmart is not listed but will work. A 5 qt jug is $25ish which brings the price of a 3.5 qt oil down to a dang good price. I believe this is two per household. Time to stock up
  2. Summer MaxLiner SALE at CARiD - Save 10% OFF on interior protection products
    If you're on the market for tough and affordable mats and liners, make sure to take a closer look at the freshest promotion on MaxLiner at CARiD. Their high-quality products are made from eco-friendly materials only, designed in-house and manufactured to ensure superior all-around protection...
  3. I know its summer.... (Heat Mods?)

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I know at least here on the East Coast its been a hot humid summer and no one is thinking about heat in their car. But fall and winter will be here before we know it. I purchased my 2018 CR-V at the end of March. Within a couple days I noticed how truly bad the heater system was, I was told by...
  4. Best summer tires for crv??

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Shopping for summer tires for my CRV.. Please let me know if you have any recommendations!! Greatly appreciated
  5. Should I Expect Sales/Incentives in the Summer?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I'm in the market to jump into a 2017 CR-V (loved my test drive). I can afford to wait a few months, but since I'll be financing I'm curious if Honda will offer Summer Sale type incentives such as 0% Financing (not sure how much of the incentives are from the dealer vs Honda directly)? I asked...
  6. Continental ControlContact Sport A/S Tire Review: Great for a Summer Road Trip

    Read more about the Continental ControlContact Sport A/S Tire Review: Great for a Summer Road Trip at
  7. Your Love Crv in the Summer

    Kust Automotive Supplies.
    Kust Crv Summer Supplies Series Silk Net Seat Cover During Summer (Red with Black) Green Artificial Leather Custom Seat Covers by .Both Front and Rear Seat will Overall and Well Protect Your Crv and Cooling the Body. Seat Covers Deliver Maximum Comfort and keep the Vehicle Seats'...
  8. Summer Cr-v Supplies Series: Foil Windshield Sunshade

    Kust Automotive Supplies.
    Foil Windshield Sunshade can effective reduce dangerous for summer. Avoid High Temperature,Sunshine,UV Irradiation,Harmful Gas~~~~~~ Kust Foil Windshield Sunshade with a light package and easy installation Exterior: Interior: Detail: Come to KUST to gain one for protect you lover.
  9. We don't have to take off our Winter-Rated Tires for the Summer!

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    That's because they are Winter Rated with the "Snowflake in the Mountain" symbol on the sidewall, AND they are made to be used Year-Round too! They are what you could call "winter-biased all-season tires". We use them on both our CR-V and our Pilot which both have AWD/4WD and are used for...
  10. CRV | OC Meet - Summer 2014

    Events & Meets
    Anyone interested in this? I was going to try to organize a southern Ontario meet for us Canadians, but I figure I'd throw it out there for everyone to post on... If you're interested: post up your closest major city, and let's see how many of us are local to one another. Figure out a central...
  11. Whining / humming noise in Summer

    Problems & Issues
    Here is basic info regarding my car 2007 CR-V 5S AT 2WD EX. Other than regular oil change, tire routing, no other services have been performed. In recent 2-3 years, it started to making a mid to high pitched whining or humming sound in summer time, and here are some characteristics that I...
  12. 13CRV Summer Wheels

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Today I did a home install of the new tire pressure sensors and OE tires on my new wheels, I will have to take them in for balancing this next week. If the weather cooperates, I will be installing soon. I will be ordering a ATEQ Quickset tool to program the new sensors so I can maintain all OE...
  13. 4WD with summer tires totally worthless on compact snow...

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    ... uphill on compact snow: Interesting clip:
  14. Winter vs summer tires on compact snow and on cold wet tarmac

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I found this interesting clip from british Auto Express. Noted that the winter tires behaved much better also on wet and cold tarmac (at 7 centigrades = 45 degrees F).
  15. SO-CAL crv meet its summer lets start one

    Events & Meets
    ok every one lets start a meet for all hond lovers i will b posting on facebook honda tec to start this off so if you wont to join hit me up face book me at look up alfred vega you will c a forest green gsr talk to you soon
  16. How much air pressure in summer

    Problems & Issues
    How much air pressure/psi should I put in my 98 crv that has 215 size tires. It is summer time and it is as hot as 49 celcius in the day. Also how much is the spare tire too!
  17. Get some new rims in time for summer!

    Honda Part World
    Looking to upgrade your wheels or replace a dented rim? Honda Part World has a large selection of premium OEM Honda CR-V rims in stock and ready to ship. Get your rims now so that your CR-V will be stylin' for summer time! Honda CR-V Rims Model # 08W17-T0A-100 MSRP - $331.00 Our Price -...
  18. Summer Wheels

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I am new to the forum, so this may be discussed already at length. I have a 2009 CRV LX with steel wheels. I put Blizzak winter tires on this winter. It looks like it will cost me $80 to mount and balance summer tires, and then another $80 to mount and balance the winter tires next fall -- or...
  19. Meet & Greet this summer in St. Louis

    Events & Meets
    I live in St. Louis and have been thinking about trying to organize a meet right here in the middle of the country for this summer. I'm happy to help plan and get this thing going, but I'd rather not be the one "in charge." any interest for a mid-summer St. Louis meet? - See the Arch - Forest...
  20. 07-10 CR-V TPMS light on with winter or summer sensors: there is a solution !

    Problems & Issues
    As some of us are painfully aware, swapping out winter and summer tires/wheels is not that simple with Honda. If your car uses individual TPMS valve sensors, the ECU has to be reprogrammed with the new serial numbers each time you swap wheels with a different set of sensors. This cannot be DIY...