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  1. Trading Post
    Perfect, like new Covercraft windshield sunscreen UV11502SV (silver). $50 shipped within continental US (outside, you have to cover shipping).
  2. Greetings & Introductions
    Happy New Year from new CRV 2018 owner. Grateful for any advice. In shock with all new ways to drive vehicle, i.e. no keys! Can't check to see if car IS locked because touching handle reopens door if door was locked. I'll look for videos on learning. Can barely see out rear window; Will learn to...
  3. Accessories
    Hello fellow CRV-ians, I am looking for an extended sun visor for 2013 CR-V. Can anyone please prescribe a good one they had used, and also where you got them from? The NM sun glare simply blinds you especially during the wonderful sunsets (regular provided sunshade doesn't...
  4. Trading Post
    One New-Condition (Opened once to check fitment) 2012+ Honda CRV Intro-Tech HD-84 Custom Fit Windshield Sunshade. $35 shipped within US. Hawaii, Alaska and Canada will cost more to ship.
  5. Accessories
    Any recommendations for purchasing one? Specifically, I mean the foil-looking screen that you put inside your front windshield to keep the sun (and heat) out.
  6. Accessories
    Hello, everyone. New CR-V owner here! Does anyone use the sunshade by Heatshield for their newer CR-V? If so, does it fit perfectly? Mine seems to be slightly taller and doesn't completey fit inside the windshield. So I was wondering if that's suppose to be normal for this brand for this CR-V model.
1-6 of 9 Results